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    Magnetic Coupling are employed in seal-less, leak-free magnetic drive pumps used to handle volatile, flammable, corrosive, abrasive, toxic or foul smelling liquids. The inner and outer magnet rings are fitted with permanent magnets, hermetically sealed from the liquids, in a multipole arrangement.
    The inner and outer magnetic rotors are locked together by magnetic forces and work as a synchronous coupling. The permanent magnetic couplings create neither slippage nor induction current during rotation. When excessive torque is applied, the magnets will decouple, they will not recouple unless the pump is stopped.

    Permanent magnetic couplings offer an efficient, leak-proof, cost effective, and more reliable alternative to various conventional sealing methods.

    Magnetic Couplings consist of an outer and an inner drive.
    The two drives do not touch each other – the coupling works via the non-contact transfer of power, which means that the magnetic solution – in contrast to traditional solutions – does not experience any wear. The Magnetic Couplings is thus maintenance-free.

    1.Stable performance
    2.Excelllent corrosion resistance
    3.High working temperature
    4.Complex shape with precision size
    5.High quality consistency
    6.Low weight loss

    About Magnetic Couplings, synchronous magnetic couplings
    In its simplest form, a magnetic coupling is comprised of two components: a driver and a follower.
    The driver is the portion of the mechanism connected to the prime mover (motor). Through magnetic interaction, the follower reacts to the motion of the driver, resulting in a non-contact transmission of mechanical energy. This non-contact power transmission has multiple benefits:
    Isolation of Components, which minimizes or eliminates mechanical vibrations through magnetic damping and allows for the insertion of a mechanical barrier between the driver and follower to separate environments and allow operation under pressure differentials.
    High Tolerance of Axial, Radial and Angular Misalignment between the prime mover and load.
    Allowance of Speed Variation and Regulation between the prime mover and load.

    We can design and produce different magnetic couplings according to clients’ requests .

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