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  • Flexible Neodymium Soft Magnet Tape Strips
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    Flexible Neodymium Soft Magnet Tape Strips Overview
    Item No.: FM-NMT-16
    Type: Permanent, Flexible, Neodymium
    Composite: Soft Rubber NdFeB Magnet
    Material: Flexible Neodymium
    Style Rare Earth strip magnet self-adhesive
    Pull Force 650 g/cm²
    Weight 250 gm
    Style Rare Earth Strip Magnet
    Tolerance Thickness:2mm, Width:12.5mm, Length:1metre
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    3M Flexible Magnet Tape is a general pupose, flexible magnet tape that allows reclosbale magnetic attachment to metallic surfaces and is coated with a high performance, low surface energy acrylic adhesive, which provides a high bond strength to most surfaces. The flexible tape has a range of applications far beyond those associated with traditional, stiff, rubber based magnet tape. This Self-Adhesive Magnet Strip is fantastic for arts and crafts projects or to use at home or school. Simply cut it with scissors, peel off the backing and attach. Apply the tape to items of your choice and display on any magnetic surface. Make anything magnetic!
    This self-adhesive magnetic tape features a phenomenal adhesive force of 245g/cm² and is therefore about 4x stronger than a regular magnetic tape!

    Home uses include:
    Attach 2 non-metallic surfaces together. 3M adhesive for paper, card, light gauge acrylic, Flyscreens, display systems
    3M Flexible Magnet Tape is a general purpose, adhesive backed, flexible magnet tape that allows reclosable attachment of objects and surfaces to metallic surfaces.
    High strength magnetic tape
    Acrylic adhesive bonds to many surfaces
    Flexible tape attaches to irregular surfaces
    Unique design eliminates cracking and increases durability
    Simply cut with scissors to suit your application
    Industrial uses include:mounting signage, building displays, securing metal doors, and attaching tools to machinery.
    Manufacturing applications include:attachments in containers, baggage, garments, door seals, and electronics. Arts and crafts and household uses include: hanging artwork, and window coverings, temporary attachment of seasonal decorations, and labeling. The acrylic adhesive also provides excellent adhesion to surfaces contaminated lightly with oil typically used with machinery parts.

    We can supply: 1. Natural thickness from 0.30mm to 6.0mm, width up to 100m.
    2. White or color PVC coating is available upon request.  Rubber Soft Neodymium Tape Magnet with 3M adhesive
    3. UV coating is available upon request.
    4. Magnetism can be applied either on one side with multi-poles, pole distance is usually 2-5mm
    5. Artworks printing and die-cutting can be done as per customer’s request. Self-adhesive Neodymium Rubber Magnet Tape

    Buyer guide: In order to quote you the best price quickly, please provide the following information:
    1.Product size;
    2.Order quantity;
    3.Printing and functional requirements;
    5. Whether to need to stick adhesive ;6.Any special packing or other requirements;
    6. Any special packing or other requirements;

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