FOAM Glue Neodymium Magnet Round N35 Ø 12 x 2mm

/FOAM Glue Neodymium Magnet Round N35 Ø 12 x 2mm
  • FOAM-Glue-Neodymium-Magnet-Round-N35-12-x-2mm
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  • FOAM Glue Neodymium Magnet Round N35 Ø 12 x 2mm, Rare Earth Extremely Strong NdFeB flat discmagnet, Thin self-adhesive disc magnets with cushion foam, 3M Self-Adhesive Round NdFeB Magnet, the Strongest neodymium iron boron raw magnets, Sintered Neodymium Disk Adhesive Magnets China Supplier

    Ø 12 mm x 2 mm FOAM Glue Neodymium Magnet Round N35 Technical Specifications:
    Item: NSADN35-12-2-F
    Grade: N35
    Material: Neodymium (NdFeB)
    Plating: Nickel (Ni/Cu/Ni)
    Shape: FOAM Glue + Disc, Round
    Diameter (D): 12 mm
    Height (H): 2 mm
    Tolerance: ±0.05 mm
    Magnetisation Direction: Axial / Radial
    Residual Magnetic Flux Density (Br): 1170-1220 mT (11.7-12.2 kGs)
    Energy Density (BH)max: 263-287 KJ/m³ (33-36 MGOe)
    Coercivity Force (Hcb): ≥ 868 kA/m ( ≥ 10.9 kOe)
    Intrinsic Coercivity Force (Hcj): ≥ 955 kA/m ( ≥ 12 kOe)
    Maximum Operation Temperature: 80 °C
    Delivery Time: 14-35 days

    Neodymium magnets are made of neodymium, iron and boron (NdFeB) and are the strongest raw magnets. We offer different shapes:
    Discs, rods, rings, blocks, cubes, spheres (alternatively called balls), flat pots.
    If you are not sure which shape or size would be the best for your special need please contact us.
    Please always regard our safety precautions.

    FOAM Glue Neodymium Magnet – The convenient solution if you want to glue on a disc magnet. This flat disc magnet (12 mm diameter, 2 mm thick) has a very strong self-adhesive side made of cushion foam. Simply remove the film, glue on and done is the smart mailing or the creative arts and crafts project. You can also use it to hang up photos without drilling holes.

    Flat and strong – an innovative magnetic idea. Self-adhesive disc magnets with high-quality 3M glued surface for exact working. Thickness up to 1 mm! Almost invisible. These magnets will be delivered in pairs – one halfth of each sales unit is glued at the side of north pole, the other halfth has its sticky side at the south pole. Make your own experiences!

    FOAM Glue Neodymium Magnet Self-Adhesive Magnet High-energy magnets self adhesive round magnet foam glue disc magnet
    These are permanent magnets containing rare-earth metals. The high-energy product of more than 385 kJ/m3 or 48 MGOe enables many new technical uses. Much smaller magnet systems or considerably higher magnetic energies for the same size in comparison to conventional magnetic materials such as barium ferrites or AINiCo have become possible. As a comparison: With the same energy content, a barium ferrite magnet has to have a volume 6 times larger. To create a field with the strength of 100 mT (1,000 G) at a 1 mm distance from the pole, a barium ferrite magnet must be around 25 times larger than a samarium-cobalt magnet. Adhesive Round Magnet
    The energy product of the new neodymium-iron-boron magnets is about a further 70% higher than that of the samarium cobalt magnets mentioned in the example.

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