Grip Magnets Assembly with Rubber Coating

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  • Grip Magnets Assembly with Rubber Coating
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  • Grip Magnets Assembly with Rubber Coating, Handling Neodymium magnet systems / Magnet assembly neodymium with cylindrical grip, magnetic sign gripper, Posting Magnets, Neodymium Holding Magnet with Handle

    Grip Magnets Assembly with Rubber Coating Part No.   RCMS08 + Dia Size (Magnetic Round Base Dia)

    Neodymium magnet systems with rubber coating and a cylindrical grips for easy and firm grip and handling. The Santoprene rubber coating on the adhesive surface protects all surfaces and increases the magnetic strength by increasing the friction.
    Available in 3 sizes starting from Ø 43 mm up to Ø 88 mm (10 kg to 55 kg).

    The strong neodymium magnet is applied with high quality rubber coating, which ensures a safe contact surface when you apply the magnetic sign gripper onto the cars etc.
    Designed with a long handle fixed on the top, giving the user extra leverage when positioning often delicate vinyl media. Also, they are suitable for other holding applications when in contact with steel surfaces.

    This type of handling magnet is assembled with a plastic handle, 6 pieces super powerful magnets, and a steel plate. In order to prevent the magnetic system from scratching and corrion damage in daily using, we surround the whole magnetic assembly with rubber coating.

    It used be applied into holding, fastening and handing obejects, or in some home kitchen and industrial application. Our company have 3 types of this magnets with big one D88mm,  D66mm and small one D43mm dimension.

    Thanks to the arrangement of magnets and the rubber coating, this type of magnetic system is ideal for use on surfaces which should not be scratched and / or where movement or slippage of a normal metal pot magnet system is a problem. This makes its use recommended for painted or varnished articles, or for applications where a strong magnetic force is needed, without marking or scratching surfaces. sintered ferrite anisotropic magnet

    Part No. D mm d mm H mm h mm Thread M Force N Weight g Temperature °C
    RCMS08-43 43 15 60 6.5 M4 90 45 80
    RCMS08-66 66 22 108 8 M6 225 167 80
    RCMS08-88 88 25 108 8.5 M6 495 260 80
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