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  • Halbach Arrays Permanent Magnet Motor Assemblies
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    Halbach Arrays Permanent Magnet Motor Assemblies Technical Specifications:
    Material Neodymium Magnet
    Mold No.: MPHARM-25
    Material NdFeB Magnet, steel alloy
    Coating Passivation & Phosphating, Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, CR3+Zn, Tin, Gold, Sliver, Epoxy , Teflon and more.
    Magnetization Direction Radially Magnetized, Axially Magnetized, etc.
    Grade N35-N52 (M.H.SH.UH.EH.AH)
    Max. work Temp.: 80 ℃-200 ℃
    Size Customized Size
    Used Industrial Application
    Certification ISO9001
    Tolerance +/- 0.05mm

    Halbach Array – Permanent Magnet Assemblies for High-Tech Applications
    Halbach Array with Hexapole Magnets
    A Halbach Array is a magnetic array that produces a high magnetic field utilizing permanent magnets, arranged with a spatially rotating magnetic field vector which has the effect of focusing and augmenting the magnetic field on one side, while cancelling it out on the other. Halbach Arrays are able to achieve very high and uniform flux densities without necessitating any power input or cooling, which an electromagnet would require.

    Halbach Array assemblies produce high-strength but controllable magnetic fields, which is hugely beneficial in many applications. They are commonly produced in either straight or circular arrangements to suit the application. Neodymium Magnetic Rotor Halbach Array

    Halbach Array and Modern Technology
    The Halbach Array is a fundamental design component used widely in modern technology. As Halbach cylinders, they produce an intense and contained magnetic field. Such magnetic cylinders feature in brushless DC motors, magnetic couplings, and high-field particle focusing cylinders. Segment Halbach Array Neodymium Rotor Motor Magnets

    Even simple refrigerator and noticeboard magnets use Halbach arrays – producing a strong attractive magnetic force on one side, but with hardly any attraction on the opposite side.  Permanent Magnet Rotor with Segment Halbach Arrays

    The Origin of the Halbach Array
    British-American physicist, John C. Mallinson (1932-2015), first discovered the effect behind the Halbach array in 1973. Mallinson initially described the “one-sided flux” structures as a “curiosity”, before applying the magnetic phenomenon to improving magnetic tape technology.

    Further advances occurred in the 1980s, when physicist Klaus Halbach (1925-2000), a physicist working in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with the Engineering Division, independently invented the Halbach array for use in lasers, traveling wave tubes, and particle accelerator beams. Halbach became an international expert in magnetic systems for particle accelerators. Halbach Array Assemblies for Brushless DC Motor

    Manufacturing Halbach Arrays
    MPCO specialist magnet production team assembles Halbach Arrays. This requires specialist skills due to the complexity and necessity for assembly to take place with the magnets in a magnetised state.

    The Halbach Array is in action whenever there is a magnet with a magnetic field that increasing on one side and decreasing on the other side.

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