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    Hard Ferrite Rubber Coated Pot Magnets HF
    Item No.: RCMS07HF
    Form / Model Rubber coated pot magnet
    Material Ferrite
    Housing Steel rubber coated
    Dimension 70mm x 50mm x 13mm
    Color black
    Pull Force / Adhesion  2 kg
    Weight 125 g
    Max Temp (degrees C) 120°C
    – suitable for fixing signs, plates, temporary lightings and sample parts scratch-free –

    Rubber Coated Magnets / Ferrite Pot Magnets
    Rubber coating of pot magnets is considered useful when using sensitive surfaces like glass and plastics, or highly finished vehicular surfaces. Rubber coating is also useful to prevent corrosion in marine, aquatic or external environments, as well as in areas where metal strike presents a risk to the magnet. Metal strike situations are more likely in mechanical environments related to motors and machinery.
    Rubber coated pot magnets are often placed to create a fixing or hanging point. The rubber coating provides for superior slide resistance due to greater friction between the rubber and steel surface to which the magnet is bonded. Manufacturers and industrial designers use rubber coated pot magnets for holding and fastening.

    Products and devices held together with rubber coated pots allow you to easily uncouple the magnet at pre-determined pressure points for regular cleaning or servicing.
    This characteristic increases the durability and ease of use. Used as connective tissue in plastic clad fabrications, rubber coated pot magnets do not typically puncture or penetrate plastic material, helping to maintain the monolithic nature and integrity of these fast evolving resinous forms.

    The multiple pole design of these rubber coated ferrite (ceramic) pot magnets ensures a dense shallow magnetic field on the holding surface. This allows for excellent holding onto thin, lacquered car body metal. The sideways displacement (sheer forces) are extremely good due to the suction effect of the rubber surface. rare earth ndfeb rectangular rubber coated magnet

    Part No. L mm B mm H mm Force N Force N Shear force N Weight g Temperature °C
    RCMS07HF-1 70 50 13 45 14 20 125 120
    RCMS07HF-2 70 50 13 45 16 20 125 120
    RCMS07HF-3 70 50 13 45 11 20 125 120
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