Heavy Duty Metal Magnetic Catch With Stainless Steel Housing

/Heavy Duty Metal Magnetic Catch With Stainless Steel Housing
  • Heavy Duty Metal Magnetic Catch With Stainless Steel Housing
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  • Heavy Duty Metal Magnetic Catch With Stainless Steel Housing & Iron Sheet, Nickel Alloy Plated Rectangle Screw-On Embedded Square Magnetic Holder Catch for Screw Fixing, Cabinet Door magnetic touch, Magnetic Closure, Concealed Tap-in Magnetic Closer Catcher, rectangle door stopper, neodymium magnetic cabinet catches and latches, Superior Panel & Cabinet Magnets Hardware Accessories China Factory Supplier

    Heavy Duty Metal Magnetic Catch With Stainless Steel Housing & Iron Sheet specifications
    Item No. MPMC-KW20310
    texture of material stainless steel
    surface treatment Polishing + electroplated nickel
    Size 85 * 16 * 15mm
    Hole center distance: 75mm
    The shell is zinc alloy nickel plated
    type Positive suction
    Installation form Wall mounted
    structure Standard
    control mode Manual
    Whether it is a special supply source for cross-border export no
    style Light luxury
    Applicable field: cabinet door/furniture door/drawer/various cabinets

    Easy to Install
    Works with a Variety of Cabinet and Furniture Doors
    Strike Plates Included, Screws Not Included.
    These magnetic latches will close your cabinet doors, and drawers, and the window blinds will be in place. Use vertically or horizontally.
    The magnetic force is pushed open, and the double head design is suitable for installation in cabinets, cabinets, and the like.
    Widely used in home furniture, glass doors, cabinets, wardrobe doors, dressing tables, drawers, cabinets, etc.
    Easy to use: When you press it, the door opens and then presses again, the door closes.

    Keeping cabinets securely closed has never been easier. Using magnetic catches, roller catches or traditional elbow catches provide complete closure. Simply screw in the the cabinet latch into the cabinet and the strike plate to the inside of the furniture door and you got yourself a secured door!

    Consider the Installation Requirements
    In addition to the shape, you should consider the installation requirements when choosing magnetic catches. Most magnetic catches are installed with threaded fasteners. You’ll need to position each part, followed by driving threaded fasteners through the parts’ holes.

    You can install most magnetic catches with screws. The number and size of the screws required for installation, though, may vary. Small magnetic catches typically have fewer, as well as smaller, through holes than large magnetic catches.

    Metal vs Plastic
    The material from which a magnetic catch is made may vary. Some of them are made of metal, whereas others are made of plastic. Plastic magnetic catches are lightweight, inexpensive and versatile. They still feature an enclosed magnet, but it’s covered in plastic. Double Round Head Magnetic Catch Latch for Cabinet Cupboard

    Metal magnetic catches are heavier than their plastic counterparts, but they offer a superior level of strength and durability. They can withstand more use while simultaneously supporting heavier loads. Common metals in which magnetic matches are made include aluminum, brass and steel.  Square Waterproof Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Catch

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