High Temperature 160 Degree Rare Earth Bonded Neodymium Ring Magnets BNP-8SR

/High Temperature 160 Degree Rare Earth Bonded Neodymium Ring Magnets BNP-8SR
  • Rare Earth Bonded Neodymium Ring Magnets BNP-8SR
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  • High Temperature 160 Degree Rare Earth Bonded Neodymium Ring Magnets BNP-8SR, MultiPoles Bonded Permanent Magents, Rotor Bonding Compression Molded NdFeB Magnet, purchase magnets for Generator rotor motor sensor, Compression Molding Rare Earth Neo, Neod or NIB radial ring magnet

    High Temperature 160 Degree Rare Earth Bonded Neodymium Ring Magnets BNP-8SR Specification:
    shape motor Ring magnet
    grade BNP-8SR
    Size OD36*ID30.8*26.4 High
    plating black epoxy
    Material: Bonded Neodymium magnets
    shape: multipoles radial ring magnet
    coating:epoxy plated
    application:Motor Rotor
    Br: 6200-6600 KGS
    Hcb ≥405-470KA/m
    Hcj ≥12.0-14.0KA/m
    (BH)max 65.6-72KJ/M3
    Temp. Coefficlent 160°C
    The product can be customed by your requirement.

    MPCO Magnet Company is specialized in making ndfeb rotor magnets . It has hundreds of wire cutting machines running day and night. We can make high quality rotor magnets ndfeb, esepecially for those motors with certain working temperature requirement. We can supply oven test to ensure temperature resistance.
    Shape: Ring
    Material: NdFeB
    Technology: Bonded, Precise tolerance of dimension, free from further machining
    Dimension: Customization
    Magnetization direction: Radial magnetization and Multi-pole magnetization
    Tolerances: ‘+/-0.05mm
    Coating: Electrophoresis. ( Black or Gray)
    Precise tolerance of dimension, free from further machining, is easy to be directly processed into thinickness wall, To be the magnetization of multistage magnetization. More corrosion resistance than sintered magnets, Various kinds of the bonded magnets of can be to develop higher magnetic. BNP-6 Ndfeb Rotor Magnets, Permanent Neodymium Ring Multi-Poles Bonded Magents
    Application: Application for the computer peripheral products, office automation products and digital household appliances and various kinds of micro motor, Such as cooling fan motor, etc.

    Proprty Grade Br (mT) Br (Gs) Hcb
    (kJ/m 3)
    Tw/ ºC
    BNP-3 450-510 4500-5100 199-263 477-597 6.0-7.5 24-32 24-32 3.0-4.0 120
    BNP-6 590-650 5900-6500 302-374 597-796 7.5-10.0 44-53.6 44-53.6 5.5-7.0 120
    BNP-8 620-670 6200-6700 390-454 636-796 8.0-10.0 60-68 60-68 8.0-9.5 120
    BNP-8SR 620-660 6200-6600 405-470 955-1114 12.0-14.0 65.6-72 65.6-72 8.2-9.0 160
    BNP-9H 650-700 6500-4000 421-484 915-1034 11.5-13.0 72-80 72-80 9.0-10.0 160
    BNP-10 680-720 6800-7200 413-477 636-796 8.0-10.0 76-84 76-84 9.5-10.5 120
    BNP-11 700-740 7000-7400 430-493 636-796 8.0-10.0 80-88 80-88 10.0-11.0 120
    BNP-12L 730-770 7300-7700 366-430 517-637 6.5-8.0 84-92 84-92 10.5-11.5 110

    Buyer’s Guide
    Material:What use the magnet material and performance?
    Dimension:What size: OD(?) x L (?) x W(? ) xT(?) and Do you have any drawing or specification?
    Tolerance: Do you have any the requirements of the tolerance?
    Grade:What Grades or Performance?
    Coating:What coating? Electrophoresis. ( Black or Gray) ?
    Working Temp.: Normal or High temperature ?
    Magnetization: Please tell us the magnetization direction requirement?

    General Questions Of purchase magnets: Rotor Bonded Magnets Compression Molded NdFeB

    1. Can I get free samples? Yes, if we have stock samples.
    2. How long will be the delivery time? Usually , 7-15days.
    3. Can the magnets be sent by air? Yes, we often ship magnets by air.
    4. Can you send the goods door to door? Yes.
    5. How can I know the gauss value? You can send the magnet sizes and grade to us. We can give your some idea.
    6. Can you make plastic products with magnets? Yes, we are professional in assembly magnets with plastic parts.
    7. Can you make magnetic products with steel or iron pieces? Yes, we are experienced in making steel parts with magnets.

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