Higher-Density Bonded NdFeB Motor Magnets

/Higher-Density Bonded NdFeB Motor Magnets
  • Higher-Density Bonded NdFeB Motor Magnets
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  • Higher-Density Bonded NdFeB Motor Magnets, Arc Ring Bonded Neodymium Rotor Motor Magnets, Plastic Injection Bonded Segment Magnets for Motor, Bonded neodymium dc brushless motor magnets

    AHigher-Density Bonded NdFeB Motor Magnets Features:
    Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: MPCO magnet
    Magnet Name:Arc motor magnet
    Composite:NdFeB Magnet
    Shape:ring / tube / arc / segments
    Application:Moto Magnet
    Materials:Arc motor magnet
    Size:According to customer’s requirement
    Working temperature:High up to 150℃
    Grade:BNP 6-12
    Coating:Black Epoxy
    Coating Thickness:25-50
    Resistance:240 hours of constant temperature and humidity
    Lead time:15 days
    Packing:Export Standard Cartons are supplied with foam well protected.

    Bonded magnets are mainly used on different motors and sensors, and you can think it is born for auto industry.

    It also makes more application possibilities than sintered magnets. For example, the use of higher-density bonded neodymium magnets is helpful in achieving weight and volume reduction in permanent magnet motors, resulting in raw material cost savings. Arc Bonded Neodymium Motor Magnets

    stepper motors
    magnetic bearings
    steering control motors
    magnetic clutch
    peripheral motors
    spindle motors
    auto sensors
    auto fan motors
    vacuum cleaner motor
    air conditioner motor
    mobile vibration motor

    Bonded VS Sintered Neodymium Magnets
    The magnetic property of bonded neodymium magnets are weaker compared with sintered neodymium; nevertheless, bonded ndfeb magnets make up many insufficiencies of sintered magnet, such as

    Precise size
    Less brittle
    Light weight
    A molding assembly
    More complex shapes
    More choice of magnetized directions
    Greater resistance against corrosion
    So bonded neodymium magnet is a more flexible alternative to sintered neodymium magnet.

    Bonded ndfeb magnet is one of permanent magnet, which was composed mainly of ndfeb magnetic power and adhesive agent. It was appropriately founded around in 1970s.
    Compared to sintered neodymium magnets, the bonded magnet is much more easier to be processed in to some special shapes for some precision application, also could be assemblied easily. Super Strength Magnet NdFeB Arc for Motion Actuators
    As for the magnet picture as showing is applied in the inner rotor magnet with two groove to locate the magnet.


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