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    Home Decor Magnetic Wreath Hanger Part No. MPMWHG-02 Feature:

    Quantity: Package includes 2 magnetic wreath hangers with strong magnet, securely holding wreaths on the door. For metal door, not for wooden door, glass door, stainless steel surface.
    Strong Magnet: The magnet is very strong, once stuck on the metal door, the wreath holder won’t move anymore. If you want to reposition the bracket, just pull the crown bracket off the metal surface with a little effort and stick it again. Put another one at the bottom of the crown just to support it and prevent it from breaking and hitting the door while it opens and closes.
    Large Hook: The magnetic wreath holder with a large hook depth of 1.6 inches, can hold most wreaths like over the door hanger. It can support a crown of up to 5 pounds.
    Invisible: The crown hook is 2.6 inches long, once the crown is attached, the hook is almost invisible.
    Anti-scratch: The wreath holder is made of iron material, and the magnet is covered with rubber, it won’t rust, can last for years. It also does not scratch the surface of the door.

    Magnet’s Endless Uses:
    Magnetic hooks are a very versatile product for hanging almost anything.
    Magnetic hooks attach to metal surfaces, are non-marking and design for easy removal.
    The product consists of a small metal cup containing a neodymium rare earth magnet and has a centre removable metal hook.
    No screws, nails or drills needed.
    Ideal for hanging pot plants, tools, hats, keys, lights, paintings, wind chimes, displays etc.
    Can be attached either in horizontal or vertical positions·
    Easy to attach and remove, easy to use practical magnetic product.
    The magnetic crown hanger is designed for metal cladding, such as metal doors, refrigerators, metal cabinets, etc.
    Ideal for hanging your bags, clothes, hats, or hanging the garland, wind chimes, crystal balls and other decorations in the festival
    Easy to use. No need screws or stickers, just put it on the place where there is the metal surface, and then you can use it; does not damage the surface
    Heavy duty hooks, made of high quality material, sturdy, rust-proof and for long time use
    Rare earth magnets are a special type of magnet. They are the worlds strongest type of magnet and are composed of Neodymium, Iron and Boron (NdFeB) elements. We sell magnets ranging from N35 to N52, also with various coatings. We offer BULK rare earth magnets on the world and we are still the CHEAPEST and the BEST!

    These hooks allow me to hang a wreath or other decoration, and with two hooks I can position one at the bottom of the wreath, turned upside down, and the wreath doesn’t bang into the door or move around in the wind.  Self Adhesive Soft Rubber Round Magnet Pads 30x1mm

    They will not mark the door. The magnets are so strong they really stay put. No scratches, no lines, no nothing! The door is beige (HOA rules) and the soft backing on the magnets keeps the door pristine. Flexible 3M Adhesive Rubber Magnet 15x2mm

    A bonus – if you have a peep-hole you can position your decorations so you can still see out, which was a problem with the over-the-door hook.

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