Industrial Motor Solenoid Magnet SmCo Segment

/Industrial Motor Solenoid Magnet SmCo Segment
  • Industrial Motor Solenoid Magnet SmCo Segment
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  • Industrial Motor Solenoid Magnet SmCo Segment YXG-24, Asynchronous Induction Motor SmCo Rare Earth Segment Sector Military Magnets, High Work Temp Permanent Motor Generator Rotor SmCo Magnet for vertical wind turbine, Super strong curved tile arc segment magnets China Supplier

    Industrial Motor Solenoid Magnet SmCo Segment YXG-24 Item No. MPCO-SMOS  series
    Customzied Specific Requirements
    OEM or ODM service: Accept
    Dimension: Customized size
    Custom Grade: SmCo5,  Sm2Co17
    Magnetization direction: Thickness, Length, Axially, Diametre, Radially, Multipolar
    Surface Treatment: UNCOATED, Silver, Gold, Zinc, Ni-cu-Ni. Epoxy etc.
    Tolerance: +/-0.02 – 0.05mm

    High Temperature SmCo Magnet
    Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets are composed of Samarium, Cobalt and Iron, these rare earth magnets are extremely strong for their small size, metallic in appearance and sable physical property .Those magnets could be in simple shapes also could be made according to customer’s need.

    Characteristics for High Temperature Strong Permanet SmCo Magnet:
    * Resistance to high temperature
    * Excellent resistance to corrosion
    * Low temperature coefficient

    Application for High Temperature Strong Permanet SmCo Magnet :
    Motors, watch, transducers, instruments, positional detector, generators, radar communications, medical equipments, various magnetism spreading devices, magnetic processor, electrical engineering and magnetic derrick, etc

    Industrial Motor Solenoid SmCo Arc Magnets

    Industrial Motor Solenoid SmCo Arc Magnets

    Asynchronous (Induction)
    In contrast to synchronous motors, induction allows asynchronous to start by supplying power to the stator without providing a supply to the rotor. Induction motors have either a wound or a squirrel-cage design. Some examples of asynchronous induction motors include:

    Capacitor Start Induction Run Motors. This is a single-phase wound motor with a cage rotor and two stator windings, started by a capacitor. Their use includes compressors and pumps in refrigerators and AC systems with frequent starting and stopping. Asynchronous Induction Motor Segment Samarium SmCo Magnet
    Squirrel Cage Induction Motors. A three-phase supply creates a magnetic field in the stator winding in this motor, which includes a squirrel-cage rotor made of highly conductive steel laminations. They are low cost, low maintenance, and high efficiency motors used in centrifugal pumps, industrial drives, large blowers and fans, machine tools, lathes, and other turning equipment.
    Double Squirrel Cage Motors. These motors overcome poor startup torque issues in squirrel cage motors. Their design balances out the reactance to resistance ratio between an outer and inner cage, increasing startup torque while maintaining overall efficiency. Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Sector Tile Samarium Magnets

    Rotor SmCo Magnets for Asynchronous Induction Motor

    Rotor SmCo Magnets for Asynchronous Induction Motor

    Specific requirements :
    1. The properties of the grade is maintain strictly.
    2. Hk/Hcj should be not less 0,55.
    3. Couple magnetized 50%N(S) and 50%S(N).
    4. The poles must be marked.
    5. The magnetic pole N marked with blue paint.
    6. The magnetic pole S marked with red paint. Note: poles must be magnetic, not geographical.
    7. The thickness of the magnet will be monitored 4,35 – 4,50 mm.
    8. Induction on a convex surface “B out” should be more 170 mT (163 mT old value).
    9. Induction on the concave surface “B int” should be more 60 mT.
    10. Variation in the magnetic flux for whole order must not exceed 15% or that is the same max(F)/min(F) ≤1,15.
    11. The fall of the magnetic flux F2 at + 20 gr. C, after heating to + 200 gr. C during one hour, is not more than 3% or that is the same F2/F1≥0.97. Tile Permanent SmCo Magnet for Induction Motors

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