Injection Molding Ferrite Magnet for Washing Machine

/Injection Molding Ferrite Magnet for Washing Machine
  • Injection Molding Ferrite Magnet for Washing Machine
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  • Injection Molding Ferrite Magnet for Washing Machine, Industrial Magnet for Washing Machine Driver, Permanent Ferrite Industrial Magnet, Injection Plastic Ferrite Magnet Assembly

    Injection Molding Ferrite Magnet for Washing Machine Feature:
    Material Injection Ferrite Magnet
    Application Washing Machine Driver
    Type: Permanent
    Composite: Plastic Magnet
    Shape: customer
    Color: black
    Material: Plastic + ferrite magnet
    Grade: PBF-10,PBF-11,PBF-13,PBF-15
    Coercive HcB: 2.2-2.5KOe;175-195KA/m
    Coercive HcJ: 2.5-2.9KOe
    Magnetization: 6 poles axially/ diametrically magnetized
    Max. working temperature: 150 degree Celcius
    Certificate: ISO9001:2008, SGS
    Environment: MSDS, RoHS

    Injection plastic-bonded magnet is a new kind of composite permanent-magnetic material with features of flexible shaping, dimensional precision, adjustable magnetic properties, fine coherence, composite molding, elastic magnetization and high mechanical strength.

    Injection plastic-bonded magents are now widely applied to core components and parts of micro machine, location sensors, buzzer, contactless distributor for automotive and home appliance industry. Injection Ferrite Magnet Assembly

    Main Magnet Material
    1. NdFeb material(Sintered and Bonded)
    2. Hard Ferrite(Sr Ferrite and Ba Ferrite)
    3. SmCo(1:5 and 2:17)
    4. AlNiCo(Casting and Sintering)
    5. Rubber Magnet
    6. Soft Magnet(Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn)
    7. Injection Magnet(NdFeB and Ferrite)

    Magnet Surface Treatment
    1. Plating (Ni, Zn, Cr,Cu,Ar….)
    2. Coating(Epoxy Resin)
    3. Spray Coating(Epoxy Resin)

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