Injection Ring Bonded Ferrite Magnet

/Injection Ring Bonded Ferrite Magnet
  • Injection Ring Bonded Ferrite Magnet
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  • Injection Ring Bonded Ferrite Magnet, Water Pump Rotor Injection Plastic Overmolding Magnet, bonded magnet for water oil pump, Plastic Insert Injection Molded Magnet Assemblies, Injection Molding shaft plastic overmolded Ferrite / Neodymium Magnets China Supplier

    Injection Ring Bonded Ferrite Magnet

    Application Water Oil Pump
    Size Customer Drawing
    Magnetic performance requirement
    6poles on OD,
    Sin Wave Shape.
    Gauss level>1350Gs
    Balance <5mg
    Concenticity <0.05mm Structure Injection Ferrite Magnet +carbon bearing +PEO inection fan

    1, Injection bonded magnet:injection bonded Ferrite & Neodymium(NdFeB)

    Ferrite powder+Binder(plastic):PA12/PA6/PPS+injection molding. Neodymium(NdFeB)Powder+Binder(plastic):PA12/PA6/PPS+injection Molding.

    2, Injection bonded magnet Advantage: 1) High dimensional accuracy, good consistency, no need for subsequent processing, stable performance 2) Flexible magnetized Patterns (Radial, Axial, multi-poles on OD or ID and any special magnetized Pattern) 3) Strong corrosion resistance, no need for surface coating protection 4) Can produce a variety of special complex shapes (such as: steps, damping groove, hole, locating pin, etc.) 5) The magnet and other metal inlays (metal shaft, metal shell and plastic parts, etc.) are formed in one time, which is not easy to crack and fracture 6)Working Temperature:25 degree C—180 degree C without demagnetization 3, Application: oil/water pump,sensor,DC motor,DC fan,alterntive Frequence air condition,instrument and so on.

    Injection Bonded Ferrite Ceramic Ring Shaped Magnets

    Injection Bonded Ferrite Ceramic Ring Shaped Magnets

    MPCO Magnetics focusing on the NdFeB magnets design and manufacturing over 20 years. We focus on effective quality assurance system to ensure best quality.

    MPCO can supply a variety of different size, shape and grade magnets to customer, such as magnet disc, magnet block, magnet ring, arc magnet, bread magnet, cup magnet, magnet ball, magnet bar, magnetic hook, pot magnet,cylindrical magnet. Water Pump Rotor Injection Plastic Overmolded Magnet
    MPCO often attended many exhibitions which forcusing on the Motor, Electric Machinery & Magnetic Materials design and manufacturing. In the exposition scene, many customers are very interesting in our magnets, especially in our design and manufacturing capability. Injection Magnetic Rotor Impeller Pump Magnet

    Magnetic Rotor -(NdFeB magnet, steel shaft, ceramic shaft with plastic overmolded)
    Working in combination of plastic over-molding, gluing, clamping, potting and fiber-wrapping, our magnetic rotor has performed the following advantages. Its components included steel or ceramic shaft, steel shaft, steel housing, steel pot, magnet, plastic overmolded and so on.There have many different ways to achieve the same effect, we will carry out the more cost-effective way to optimize the magnetic circuit or geometry. By this way, usually cost savings of magnet or magnetic properties further improved by nearly 20%.

    Our Magnetic Rotor Advantages
    1: High rotation speed and high corrosion resistance and temperature resistance.
    2: Low noise,Low weight.
    3: Perfect balance.
    4: High stability and consistency in magnetic performance (Magnetic field strength, pole angle……)
    5: Perfect mechanical property (No crack happen)

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