Internal Thread White Rubber Coated Magnet Assembly

/Internal Thread White Rubber Coated Magnet Assembly
  • Internal Thread White Rubber Coated Magnet Assembly
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  • Internal Thread White Rubber Coated Magnet Assembly, White Female Thread Neodymium Pot with Rubber Casing, Internal Thread Neodymium Pots with White Rubber Casing, Round Neodymium Rubber Coated Magnet, Boutique Magnets

    White Internal Thread White Rubber Coated Magnet Assembly Features:
    Part No. RCMS16+ Base Dimater
    Styel Pot Magnet with Internal Thread / Female Thread
    Material NdFeb with rubber coat
    Housing Rubber
    Color White
    Application Holding, Hanging, Clamping

    These rubber coated magnets are designed to support the maximum amount of weight possible in a shear position. A combination of the premium rubber coating and the unique pole arrangement with both poles on the magnetic face give these magnets their unbeatable clamping performance. However, as these magnets have both poles on one face they are not designed to attract or repel another magnet and should always be used against a steel surface.These magnets are ideal for securing items in a shear position or for holding doors and gates open. rubber coating magnetic system with counter bore

    Rubber Coated Magnets / Neodymium Mounting Magnets
    These Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnets are high strength rare earth magnets with a durable Santoprene rubber coating to protect sensitive surfaces like glass and plastics, or any highly finished vehicular surfaces. They are often used for holding, gripping or clamping functions. Rubber coated mounting magnets sometimes feature a central threaded hole so that you can attach them with a bolt. Alternatively you can insert a hook or eye bolt.

    Part No. D mm H mm Thread M Force N Shear force N Weight g Temperature °C
    RCMS16-18 18 6 M4 25 7 6 60
    RCMS16-22 22 6 M4 38 12 9 60
    RCMS16-31 31 6 M5 89 18 21 60
    RCMS16-43 43 6 M4 100 25 29 60
    RCMS16-66 66 8.5 M6 250 75 100 80
    RCMS16-88 88 8.5 M6 550 125 186 80

    The forces have been determined at room temperature on a plate in polished steel with a thickness of 10 mm (1kg ~ 10N). A maximum deviation of -10% compared to the specified value is possible in exceptional cases. Value is exceeded in general. Depending on the type of application (installation situation, temperatures, counter anchor etc.) the forces can be influenced enormously. The indicated values are serving as an orientation.

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