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    Iron Powder Cores Ferrite Rings
    MPCO are a world renowned manufacturer of Iron Powder Cores and Power Magnetics is proud to represent them as an authorised agent and distributor of their products.

    MPCO Iron Powder Toroidal Cores have a distributed air gap and are available in material grades covering many applications. Typical applications include RF inductors and transformers, lamp dimmer chokes, 60Hz differential-mode EMI chokes and DC output chokes. MPCO issues two catalogues titled ‘RF Applications’ and ‘Power Conversion & Line Filter Applications’ The contents of each Catalogue is summarised below.

    Composition >99% Iron
    Permeabilities up to 100
    High losses (840 mW/cm3)
    Operating frequency to >100 KHz
    BSat (Tesla) 1.5
    Curie Temperature 770˚C
    Shape formats: Toroidal; E core; bobbin core; etc.
    Relative cost – Lowest of all Powder Cores

    Advantages of Iron Powder
    Wide range of different material mixes available to suit many different applications.
    In general, iron powder cores are lower cost than alloy powder cores

    Thermal aging needs to be considered when the core is exposed to prolonged elevated temperatures, this causes an irreversible increase in core loss over time. In the overwhelming majority of situations this is not going to be an issue, but if you think it might be, then it is worth considering an alloy powder alternative.

    Toroidal Transformer Core Ferrite Ring , Power Transformer  Toroid Ferrite Core​​​​​​​ – Toroidal Ferrite Core​​​​​​​
    The toroidal ferrite core uses a toroidal (ring or donut) shape ferrite core, which has the characteristics of isolating eddy current, low permeability, and suppressing interference. Due to the superior electrical performance of the ring, the usage of toroidal ferrite core is greatly increased
    We provide toroidal ferrite cores in different sizes. You can use it in power transformers, current transformers, instrument transformers, inductors, chokes, ballasts, voltage stabilizers, welding transformers, broadband transformers, filters, etc. You can choose the bottle size that best suits your needs. In addition, if what you need is not in the list, please feel free to contact us. We can help you customize the toroidal ferrite core.

    Toroids provide a convenient and very effective shape for many applications (wide band, pulse, power, and inductor). The continuous magnetic path yields the highest effective permeability and lowest flux leakage of any shape.
    Material (-X): prefix for NiZn (ie. M-665) or suffix for MnZn (ie. T-665-M20)
    Thickness: may be adjusted to suit application
    Tolerances (dimensional): ±2% (nominal value may vary based on material choice)
    Tolerance (magnetic): Inductance ±20% (grading available)
    Finishing: edge rounding and parylene (or other) coating available


    Ferrite Toroid cores are coated to provide not only a smoother corner radius but also a winding surface. In these ferrite cores, a coating is beneficial because it provides additional edge coverage. Not only protection for the edges, but the coating also provides an insulation function.

    Epoxy paint is used for coating the toroid cores. They are usually available in green, blue & gray colors with CFR. Epoxy coating is UL approved and the UL file number is E483791.  Power Transformer Ferrite Toroid Cores

    The coating material for the product is in compliance with RoHS directive 2011/65/EU.

    Parylene coating can be used for small ferrite rings that have a low coating thickness and high dielectric strength.

    Coating of the cores causes the initial permeability (μi) to drop depending on the size of the cores. This may also happen when the cores are subjected to high winding forces or have high permeability.

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