Magnetic Multipole Ring Ferrite Sensor 72 poles

/Magnetic Multipole Ring Ferrite Sensor 72 poles
  • Magnetic Multipole Ring Ferrite Sensor 72 poles
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  • Magnetic Multipole Ring Ferrite Sensor 72 poles, Plastic Bonded Strontium Ferrite Multipole Ring Magnet, Multipoled Ring Bonded Ferrite Magnets for linear magnetic position sensor, Circular multi-pole magnetic rings China Factory

    Magnetic Multipole Ring Ferrite Sensor 72 poles Overview
    Multipole Ring Magnet Part No.: MPSMR24-72
    Magnetisation Grade: BMNP-1612
    Material: Plastic bonded Strontium Ferrite SrFe.
    Magnet Shape: Ring
    Magnet Size: inner diameter = 24mm, outer diameter = 32mm, thickness = 1.5mm
    Pole Length: 1.2 mm
    Poles No.: 72 Poles

    Plastic Bonded Strontium Ferrite Multipole Ring Magnet 72poles – Linear Position
    The linear magnetic position sensor product family measures the linear movement of a multi-pole magnetic strip. Circular multi-pole magnetic rings can also be used in rotary incremental rotation off-axis applications. This high precision product family allows the user to detect linear movement with a resolution as fine as 0.5μm. All products are aimed at applications which require extreme precision, accuracy, dynamic range and ultra-low power consumption.

    This specification defines the dimensional and magnetic properties of a multipole magnetic ring for use with the linear position magnetic encoder for off-axis rotary applications. Magnetic Multipole Ring Plastic Ferrite for Sensor

    Left Images shows the proper placement of a multipole ring over the Linear Incremental (off-axis) Position Sensor. The centerline of the magnetic ring (median Hall sensor scan path) is located over the Hall array.
    The magnetic ring is designed such that the pole length lp matches the required length at the scan path (typically the center) of the ring. The IC is oriented in perpendicular with respect to the rotation center.


    The magnet ring has two marks at the backside:
    One mark shows the number of poles (72) the other mark shows a single digit letter (A…F), which is of no relevance.

    Mounting the Magnet Ring

    The magnet ring may be mounted directly on magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces. When magnetic surfaces are used, the ring may be mounted on top of the surface, but not immersed in a cavity, as this may weaken the magnetic field of the magnet. When mounting the magnet on a non-magnetic surface, either method is acceptable.

    Depending on the carrier material, there are several adhesives available to glue the ring to the surface. For general ruggedness and vibration demands, the use of two-component-adhesive (binder + hardener) has proven to be successful in most cases.

    A sensor magnet in housing is a permanent magnet that is epoxy encapsulated in a plastic or metal housing that is either cylindrical panel mount or adjustable screw mount, rectangular screw mount, or other custom mounted housing. Our sensor magnet products are used to actuate various magnetic reed sensors, hall effect sensor, and magnetic reed switches. The magnet is typically mounted to the moving part while the sensor or switch is mounted to a fixed surface.

    High temperature reed sensor products typically have an expansive temperature range of-55°C to 150°C and has no negative effect on the reed sensor’s operating characteristics. They are ideal under harsh environmental conditions that typically exist in under-the-hood environments (automotive).

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