Magnetic Position Sensor Magnet Round N35SH D4 x2.5mm

/Magnetic Position Sensor Magnet Round N35SH D4 x2.5mm
  • Magnetic Position Sensor Magnet Round N35SH D4 x2.5mm
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  • Magnetic Position Sensor Magnet Round N35SH D4 x2.5mm, NdFeB Seneor Magnet, MAxial or Diametrical Super Strong Disk Position Sensing Magnet, Precision Rare earth NdFeB disc magnets for magnetic reed sensors, hall effect sensor, and magnetic reed switches

    Magnetic Position Sensor Magnet Round N35SH D4 x2.5mm Technical Introduction
    Item No.: MPSNM-N35SH04025
    Magnet Size: 4mm x 2.5mm
    Tolerances: ±0.004″
    Material: Rare Earth NdFeB
    Grade of Neodymium: N35SH
    Plating/Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni
    Brmax: 9,900Gauss
    BHmax: 35 MGOe
    Max Temperature: 150℃
    Magnetization Direction: Axial or Diametrical
    Surface Gauss: Gauss

    Types of Magnets, neodymium sensor magnet system
    We offer the following types of permanent magnets:
    AlNiCo (Aluminum Nickel, Cobalt, Iron and Titanium)
    SmCo (Samarium–Cobalt) & NdFeB (Neodymium) – rare earth
    Hf – hard ferrite

    Sensor Magnet, Encoder Magnet, Sensor Permanent Magnet, Position Sensor Magnet, Magnet for Linear / Rotary Position Sensor
    Sensor Magnet – MPCO developped magnetic solutions for the sensor / encoder market for many years. . The company’s legacy of engineering expertise and customer awareness has created the most reliable and robust magnetic solutions for sensor / encoder technology. We have experience to help you choose the suitable sensor magnet for hall effect and reed switch applications.

    Multipole ring magnets for sensor
    Multipole Ring Magnets

    Multipole ring magnets are custom solutions It is always used together with Hall for speed ,location sensor application .
    The multipole magnet magnetizing on outdiameter , on inner diameter and axial all can be available.

    Diametric Disc Magnets
    Diametric Disc Magnets for sensor
    The diametric disc magnets are available with NdFeB and Ferrite. We are happy to work with you to provide your custom the magnet for your application requires.

    Axial Disc Magnets
    Axial Disc Magnets for sensor
    Axial disc magnets are available in SmCo , NdFeB and Ferrite magnet per your detail application situation . With advanced modeling capabilities to determine the ideal magnet for your application, we guarantee superior performance.


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