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    Polygon Magnetic Stir Rod Laboratory Bar  Feature:
    Item No. MSB-PR series
    Material Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
    Color White
    Shape Cylindrical with not Pivot Ring
    Size Custom

    Features: magnetic stir bar can resist high temperatures, corrosion, abrasion and high rotational forces, and has the properties of fine workmanship, no impurities and burrs on the surface, stable speed and no deviation
    Quality material: PTFE magnetic stirrer is made of PTFE and quality magnetic steel, and the cylindrical shape and smooth surface will reduce friction and improve smooth rotation
    More other applications: laboratory bar is widely applied in scientific research, universities, laboratories in the industrial and agricultural sectors, and also can be applied to stir mixed substances
    Widely applicable: stir plate magnet bar will work well with various types of magnetic stirrers or heating stirrers
    Package includes: comes with 8 PTFE magnetic stir bars in 1 package, all of them are 30 mm/ 1.18 inch

    The actual strength you’ll see depends on a number of interrelated factors, which is hard to quantify in a single number. Important factors include:
    The size and strength of the stir bar magnet (bigger magnets are stronger)
    The size of the stir bar magnet (bigger shapes are pushing more water, which makes them harder to turn)
    The magnets used in the stir-plate (bigger = stronger)
    The configuration of the magnets underneath the container (2 magnets at the ends of the stir bar vs. a single long magnet)
    The distance between the magnets underneath and the stir bar
    The viscosity of the fluid (how hard it is to stir)  Stir Bars Laboratory PTFE Stirring Rod Magnet
    The rotation speed (RPM)
    Stir Bars in Action: Demonstrations
    Below is a quick demonstration of how to use a stir bar magnet. The stir-plate mechanism uses a fan from a computer and an old PC power supply as a 12V source.

    Prod # Description Unit
    MSB-PR-21 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 6mm x 3mm OD
    MSB-PR-22 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 8mm x 3mm OD
    MSB-PR-23 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 12mm x 4.5mm OD
    MSB-PR-24 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 15mm x 4.5mm OD
    MSB-PR-25 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 20mm x 6mm OD
    MSB-PR-26 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 25mm x 6mm OD
    MSB-PR-27 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 30mm x 6mm OD
    MSB-PR-28 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 35mm x 6mm OD
    MSB-PR-29 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 40mm x 8mm OD
    MSB-PR-30 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 45mm x 8mm OD
    MSB-PR-31 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 50mm x 8mm OD
    MSB-PR-32 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 60mm x 9mm OD
    MSB-PR-33 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 70mm x 9.5mm OD
    MSB-PR-34 Stir Bar, Cylindrical, PTFE, 80mm x 9.5mm OD

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