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  • Magnetic Washing Machine Door Holder
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  • Magnetic Washing Machine Door Holder, Front Load Washer Door Prop, Removable Flexible Washer Door Stopper, Magnetic Washing Machine Door Holder with 43/66/88mm Magnet Base, Keep Washer Door Open to Prevent Odors (Black), strong magnet, rare earth ndfeb super strong permanent magnet hooks, Washer Door magnetic holder China factory

    Magnetic Washing Machine Door Holder Part No. MPMWHDP-02 Feature:

    Your Best Choice – front load washing machine door prop helps keep your washing machine door open. It ensures that your washing machine is dry and ventilated so its gasket won’t get moldy, and can eliminate unpleasant smells. When you use this door stopper holder, your washing machine will stay clean. You no longer need to clean it often or buy expensive cleaners.
    Many Applications – Comes with a metal mount and is suitable for all kinds of washing machines. The mount can be used to firmly attach the door prop to your washing machine. Our product has more potential uses than other door props.
    Strong Adhesion – 6 large magnets that can easily adhere to the surface of your washing machine and will not fall off. These magnets can effectively keep your washing machine door open. Our washing machine door prop is wrapped in silicone, so you don’t need to worry about its base scraping your washing machine.
    Safe Material – Our product’s silicone material is safe and not harmful. It is encapsulated in rubber and will not scratch your washing machine. Its hose can be adjusted to suit your washing machine.
    Easy to Use – 1. Adhere the magnetic base to the washing machine’s inner door frame; 2. Shape the hose to fasten it to the washing machine door; 3. After using the washing machine, remove the washer door prop. If the washing machine is made of plastic and stainless steel, please first attach the metal mount and then repeat the preceding steps.

    D (mm)
    L (mm)
    Standard Pulling Force (kg)

    Must Accessory for Front Load Washer: Package includes 1 magnetic washer door prop with 1 super strong magnet and 1 flexible hose, which helps washer air out, and keeps washer clean and fresh.  Magnetic Front Load Washer Door Prop
    Keep Your Washer Clean Save Your Money : This Washing Machine Door Prop Allows The Seal and Inside of Your Machine to Dry Out Between Uses to Stop Nasty Odors, and Formations from Growing, Finally, Your Laundry Room and Clothes Will Smell Fresher and Cleaner, Your Washing Machine Will Stay Clean, You No Longer Need to Clean It Often or Buy Expensive Cleaners.
    How to use: Install the flexible hose on the magnetic base, you can change the shape of the hose at will, and then install the magnet on the outside of the washing machine and dryer.
    Safe Material: Our Washing Machine Door Magnetic is Safe and Not Harmful, Washing Machine Door Prop Guy is Wrapped in Silicone, So You Don’t Need to Worry About its Base Scraping Your Front Loading Washing Machine Magnet.
    Strong Magnet and Adjustable Hose: The magnet is super strong, once stick on the metal surface, the washer door holder will not move anymore. If you want to reposition the holder, just pull the hose near the magnet with some effort, and stick again. The hose is flexible, you can shape the hose to hold the washer door.

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