Medium Magnetic Fingertip Glove Keep Nails, Screws, Drill Bits, Bolts

/Medium Magnetic Fingertip Glove Keep Nails, Screws, Drill Bits, Bolts
  • Medium Magnetic Fingertip Glove Keep Nails, Screws, Drill Bits, Bolts
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  • All Magnetic Grade for Sintered & Bonded Magnets
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  • Medium Magnetic Fingertip Glove Keep Nails, Screws, Drill Bits, Bolts, Mechanic Impact Magnetic Finger Glove Yellow, Craftsman Carpenter Magnetic Gloves for Work, HANDLANDY Heavy Duty Oilfield Oil and Gas Magnetic Conductive Palm & Fingers, Impact Protection, Machine Washable Glove in Synthetic Leather, magnetic hand gloves with magnet China supplier

    Medium Magnetic Fingertip Glove Keep Nails, Screws, Drill Bits, Bolts Parameter:
    Part Number: MG910703M
    Item Type: Magnetic work glove
    Glove Type: Full finger
    Glove Size: M
    Dimension: 9.05″ x 3.93″ ( 230mm x 100mm)
    Weight: approx 3.06 oz
    Material: Microfiber, spandex and magnets.
    Color: Yellow

    Work glove with a small disc magnet in fingertip gives you precise control when product installation.
    Great for improvements, general manufacturing, product assembling and DIY projects.
    Use magnetic fingertip glove to keep bolts, washers, small metal objects in place
    Velcro closure is adjustable for comfort, easily for pulling gloves on and off.
    Other color and style are available on request

    Description: Heavy duty work / oil & gas / industrial, Craftsman Magnetic Work Glove X Large Yellow
    Material: Synthetic palm with inner padded SBR palm patch,Spandex back with TPR protector
    1. shock cushioning
    2. anti-vibration
    3. excellent TPR impact resistance
    4. mulit-purpose using
    5. anti-abrasion
    6. anti-slip7. anti-tear
    Size available: M/L/XL

    a manufacturer of bold magnetic work gear and hand tools. Our patented Finger Grip Magnetic Glove allows you to store metal parts and fasteners on the back of your hand while working. The index finger is embedded with a small magnet for use as a pick up tool. No more digging in your pockets for screws or keeping nails in your mouth! Designed to be Gloves First, our Magnetic Glove delivers superior protection and performance in a comfortable and secure fit. The palm material is enabled for operating smart phones and tablets. Large Mechanic Impact Magnetic Finger Glove

    Not just another glove. A glove like no other.
    The Magnetic gloves are the latest in Ironclad innovation. Ironclad engineers and manufactures its gloves with cutting-edge materials. Incorporating nanoparticle technology, our Magnetic gloves are infused with highly conductive carbon ions. The result is a fabric composite with an electrical conductivity even greater than your own finger.

    What are nanoparticles, carbon ions, and why do they make the new Magnetic touchscreen gloves so responsive? Unlike a conductive palm coating, which conducts poorly and can easily wear off, we have developed a specialized ion-infused microfiber matrix which will last the lifetime of the glove.

    The modern workplace is a changing landscape with the influx of tablets, data entry terminals, and smartphones; the Magnetic glove line meets these challenges, and then exceeds them with the Ironclad stamp of quality, durability, and flawless fit.

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