Metal Injection Molding Ferrite Magnets for Auto Spare Parts

/Metal Injection Molding Ferrite Magnets for Auto Spare Parts
  • Metal Injection Molding Ferrite Magnets for Auto Spare Parts
Primary Competitive Advantages:
  • We are A Professional Permanent Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies Company Operating Since 2004
  • All Magnetic Grade for Sintered & Bonded Magnets
  • Our Quality Guaranteed
  • We Ship Worldwide
  • Small Orders Accepted
  • OEM Design Approvals
  • All Payment Accepted
  • Metal Injection Molding Ferrite Magnets for Auto Spare Parts, Industrial Permanent Injectioned Ferrite Magnet, Precision Bonded or Injection Molded Magnets, Metal Plastic Ferrite Magnets for Car

    Metal Injection Molding Ferrite Magnets for Auto Spare Parts Specifications:
    Type: Permanent
    Composite: Plastic Ferrite
    Shape: customer
    Color: black / gray
    Material: Plastic + Metal + ferrite magnet
    Grade: PBF-10,PBF-11,PBF-13,PBF-15
    Magnetization: multi-poles axially/ diametrically magnetized
    Max. working temperature: 150 degree Celcius
    Certificate: ISO9001:2008, SGS
    Environment: MSDS, RoHS

    PM Technology
    Powder compaction(PM) is the process of compacting powder in a die through the application of high pressures. Typically the tools are held in the vertical orientation with the punch tool forming the bottom of the cavity. The powder is then compacted into a shape and then ejected from the die cavity.[9] In a number of these applications the parts may require very little additional work for their intended use; making for very cost efficient manufacturing.

    Magnets We Produce
    –NdFeB Magnet (Sintered or Bonded)
    –Injection Magnet (NdFeB & Ferrite)
    –Sintered Ferrite Magnet
    –Rubber Magnet

    Automotive components have been widely produced by MPCO technology. Initial success was found in locking mechanisms, transmission synchronizers, airbag sensor, interior knobs, turn-signal controls, and engine oxygen sensors. MPCO can be in application that require shape complexity and prove difficult to produce by competing processes. Examples such like ignition key component, sensor mounts, magnetic sensor, airbag actuator, convertible roof clip, steel sensor for cruise control, fuel injection pressure flow control components, oxygen sensor in automatic automotive engine control systems, steering system clevis, rocker arm and so on. Custom Motor Induction Speed Magnet

    A difficulty with aerospace application is the materials need to withstand elevated temperatures in aggressive environments best satisfied by superalloys (nickel-based or cobalt-based) or titanium alloys. One problem is the need for extensive test data, such as fracture toughness, fatigue, and stress rupture properties, which require expensive qualification testing. Clearly a barrier is the lack of materials data needed to qualify the components. Recent efforts have examined unmanned structure and low stress application for latches, hinges, fuel, and brake components.

    Metal injection molding has found applications in household and personal appliance markets. Examples include simple objects ranging from fingernail clippers to ceramic buttons. The range of household items produced by MPCO includes tea and coffee cups, beer mugs, cosmetic cases, component for electric toothbrushes, hair trimmers, eyeglass frames, can openers, electric knives, pot handles, knives, kitchen tools, win bottle cork extractors and blenders.

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