MPEPP-30S Electro Permanent Handheld Pick-up Magnet Tool

/MPEPP-30S Electro Permanent Handheld Pick-up Magnet Tool
  • MPEPP-30S Electro Permanent Handheld Pick-up Magnet Tool
  • Handheld Electro Permanent Magnetic Pick-up Device MPEPP-30S
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    MPEPP-30S Electro Permanent Handheld Pick-up Magnet Tool Specifications:
    Model: MP-EPP-30S / MPEPP-30S
    Dimensions: 7.1”×2.5”×9.5” (L×W×H)
    Rated lifting capacity: 66 lbs (30KG)
    Max pulling-out force: 400 lbs(180KG)
    Net weight: 4.40 lbs (2KG)
    Voltage of battery: DC12.5V
    Input: AC100-240V~260mA
    Output: DC16.8V 1000mA
    Charging time: about 2 hours

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    Strong Magnetism – According to the vertical pulling-out force test result, its safety factor is up to 6 and rated pulling-out force is up-to 50KG. It’s capable of holding and carrying heavy materials. It has strong pulling-out force and lateral shear force which avoids side-slipping. Super strong and powerful. It fulfills its purpose and secure your safety to the most within its capability.

    Safe Demagnetizing Design – Safe demagnetizing design prevents demagnetizing by accident. Press the red off button one time won’t demagnetize the magnet, which prevents metal dropping during the process in case workers trigger the off button accidentally. While, quickly press the red off button twice till the red indicator lights up, it will demagnetize.  Switchable Hand Lifter Magnet MPEPP-50L

    One-hand Operation – Due to the convenient handheld design, this item is easy and convenient to operate. One hand shall be efficient enough to operate the whole machine. It can easily lift steel plate, hold metal in place for welding, clean small debris and collect small metals etc.

    Rechargeable Battery – There’s a built-in lithium battery. Once fully charged, it can last for a long time. It’ll also store electricity for further use. You could use it anywhere at anytime. But please charge the unit before the battery indicator shows less than 15%.  Hand-held Electro Permanent Magnetic Device

    It can suck Round Steel Tube – As having groove underneath the magnet, it can suck both steel plate and round steel tube. Please note that since round steel tube has less contact surface, the pulling-out force will be smaller as well, please use it within the rated capacity.

    Products Item NO. Rated Lifting Strength (kg) Net Weight (kg) Dimension(mm)
    MPEPP-50S 50 2.7 176*64*255
    MPEPP-30L 30 2 176*64*547
    MPEPP-50L 50 2.9 176*64*565

    Magnetic Tools
    Single handed operation for handling small parts
    Finger tip release  MPEPP-50L Handheld Electro-Permanent Magnetic Device
    Optional Stainless Steel lower case for hot or abrasive applications

    Flat Faced and BiPolar Electromagnets
    Battery operated lifting magnets
    Custom built Electro-magnets

    Designed for continuous operation and need no maintenance
    Demagnetize milling cutters, drills and small parts
    Round and rectangular openings
    Special sizes & voltages

    Rectifier Controllers
    Chuck Controls

    Chucks & Sine Plates
    Permanent Magnetic Chucks
    Rotary Electromagnetic Chucks
    Rectangular Electromagnetic Chucks
    Magnetic Sine Plates

    Magnetic Filters
    Fluid Line Filters
    Coolant Filters
    Special Coolant Filters
    Filter Bag Magnets  MPEPP-30L Handheld Electro Magnetic Lifter Tools
    “T” Series Tramp Iron Trap
    Magnetic Hopper Grates

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