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    Nd Magnet Plastic Hardware Components Assemblies for Furniture Hardware Features:
    Material NdFeB Magnet + Plastic
    Coating Passivation & Phosphating, Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, CR3+Zn, Tin, Gold, Sliver, Epoxy , Teflon and more.
    Magnetization Direction Radially Magnetized, Axially Magnetized, etc.
    Grade N35-N52 (M.H.SH.UH.EH.AH)
    Size Customized Size
    Used Industrial Application

    MPCO, a Chinese magnet manufacturer, supplies a wide range of magnetic components such as ndfeb and ferrite.
    The following factors should be taken into account when selecting magnetic components.
    1. Instantaneous force and lasting force.
    2. Magnetic field strength.
    3. Service temperature,
    4. Specification limitation (volume and weight)5. Operating environment (humidity, ph)

    Chinese magnet manufacturer MPCO long-term supply all kinds of magnet components, furniture hardware magnetic components, plastic hardware, etc.
    Welcome to the drawing to sample processing custom Magnet assembly.

    A magnetic assembly incorporates magnet alloy and non-magnet material. Magnet alloy is very hard and even simple features are difficult to incorporate into the alloy. Mounting and application specific features are easily incorporated into the non-magnetic materials which usually form the housing or magnetic circuit elements. The non-magnet elements will also buffer the brittle magnet material from mechanical stress and increase the over-all magnetic strength of the magnet alloy.

    Single-molecule magnets (SMMs) and single-chain magnets (SCMs)
    In the 1990s, it was discovered that certain molecules containing paramagnetic metal ions are capable of storing a magnetic moment at very low temperatures. These are very different from conventional magnets that store information at a magnetic domain level and theoretically could provide a far denser storage medium than conventional magnets. In this direction, research on monolayers of SMMs is currently under way. Very briefly, the two main attributes of an SMM are:
    a large ground state spin value (S), which is provided by ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic coupling between the paramagnetic metal centres
    a negative value of the anisotropy of the zero field splitting (D)
    Most SMMs contain manganese but can also be found with vanadium, iron, nickel and cobalt clusters. More recently, it has been found that some chain systems can also display a magnetization that persists for long times at higher temperatures. These systems have been called single-chain magnets.

    We are ISO:9001 Certified & RoHS Compliant, we have a well-established QMS that meets today’s critical standards.For more technical magnet applications, we manufacture custom permanent magnets, complex magnetic assemblies, electro-mechanical components. Using our in-house global manufacturing facilities and experienced team of technical designers & engineers, we can help you determine the most efficient way of providing you with what you need. We ship all over the UK, Europe and internationally. Powerful Neodymium Disc Magnet ABS Plastic Assembly for Furniture Hardware

    For large quantities ask us for a quote You can leave us a message, we will answer you right away in order for you to benefit from our preferential rates.

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