NdFeB Magnet Assembly w/ Threaded Bushing and Rubber Coat

/NdFeB Magnet Assembly w/ Threaded Bushing and Rubber Coat
  • NdFeB Magnet Assembly Threaded Bushing and Rubber Coat
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  • NdFeB Magnet Assembly with Threaded Bushing and Rubber Coat, Santoprene Rubber Covered Neodymium Magnets with Screwed Bush, NdFeB Pot magnet flat with screwed bush and rubber coating, Holding Magnetic Systems with M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 Screwed Bush China Supplier

    NdFeB Magnet Assembly w/ Threaded Bushing and Rubber Coat – Galvanized body coated with SANTOPRENE, neodymium magnetic core, anisotropic, working temperature max. +60°C.

    This series consists of permanent-magnetic holding systems mainly used on sensitive surfaces as, for instance, on steel sheet with surface coatings like paint, chrome, nickel, etc. Due to the rubber-type consistency of Santoprene, the sensitive surfaces are protected against scratches (provided the surfaces are clean). Moreover, strong friction forces sideways for resistance to displacement are achieved due to the favorable friction coefficient of Santoprene.

    These systems are used especially on delicate surfaces. Due to the rubber coating occurs neither scratches nor discoloration. Moreover the slip resistance is improved thanks to rubber coating.
    Alternative to the standard we also offer individual solutions:
    » Other colours rubber coating
    » Rubber coating harder or softer
    » printable rubber coat

    Rubber Coated Magnet Cup Assemblies are specially used in the places where people don’t want magnet holders scratch steel surfaces or paint coating.

    We have in stock for customer immediate needs. Besides, we can make other sizes to custom designs.
    Max pull is tested on a ½” thick and flat machined steel plate. The actual pull should be smaller if your steel is thinner, rough, rusty, coated or not very flat. For any critical applications, three-time safety factor is strongly recommended.

    Pot magnets Magnetic assembly with threaded bushing and rubber coat Applications include magnetic Holding, Lifting, Antenna Mounting, Positioning, Retrieving and more.

    Part No. D x L Thread Holding force
    RCMS02-12 12 x 14.8 mm M4 10.0 N
    RCMS02-22 22 x 11.5 mm M4 50.0 N
    RCMS02-31 31 x 11.5 mm M4 75.0 N
    RCMS02-43 43 x 10.5 mm M4 85.0 N
    RCMS02-66 66 x 15 mm M5 180.0 N
    RCMS02-88 88 x 17 mm M8 420.0 N

    The holding force is determined at room temperature (20°C) on a polished plate made of mild steel with a thickness of 10 mm by pulling the magnet vertically from the surface (1 kg ≈ 10 N). A deviation of -10% in the stated values is possible in exceptional cases. In general, the value will be exceeded. rubber coated neodymium magnets external thread

    Santoprene Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnets with Screwed Bush

    Santoprene Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnets with Screwed Bush

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