NdFeB Rectangle Bar Channel Magnet Assembly 120mm

/NdFeB Rectangle Bar Channel Magnet Assembly 120mm
  • NdFeB Rectangle Bar Channel Magnet Assembly 120mm
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  • NdFeB Rectangle Bar Channel Magnet Assembly 120mm, Rectangular Channel Encased Cup Magnet, Pot Magnet Embedded In Steel Channel, Magnetic Door Latch, holding magnets channels assembly, Magnetic Device, powerful U-channel magnetic assemblies China Supplier

    NdFeB Rectangle Bar Channel Magnet Assembly 120mm Specifications:
    Item No.: MP-NdCMC-120
    Magnet Material: Neodymium
    Material: Block Neodymium Magnet W/  one Countersunk Borehole + U-shape Steel Plates
    Shape: Channel
    Size: L 120 x W 13,5 x T 5mm
    Pull: 40 kg
    Plating: Nickel / Zinc
    Can be fixed in place with 2 M3 countersunk screws
    Working temperature: 80°C

    Just screw the Channel Magnet to the position and its appication is very convenient.They are commonly used to hold vehicle license plate,banner or sign, door,cabinet. Channel magnet are composed of Neodymium Magnet claded into a steel casing.Neodymium magnet is a kind of rare earth permanent magnets which also known as the NdFeB Magnet.

    1.Material: NdFeB magnets + Metal House (well surface treatment from corrosion.
    2.Glue: Loctite. The gluing of magnet and steel cup could be well guaranteed.
    3.Size: As per the table. Customer tailored design are available.
    4.Coating: As Per customers requirement.
    5.Certificates: ISO9001:2000,ROHS

    120mm Rectangular Channel Encased Cup Magnet Neo

    120mm Rectangular Channel Encased Cup Magnet Neo

    We provide a range of high magnetic strength Rare Earth Neodymium magnets including Disc magnets, Deep Pot magnets, Shallow Pot Neodymium and Round flat neodymium magnets, perfect for low profile applications, or high power holding applications. Magnetic Holding Pot & Channel with Two Countersunk Holes

    Due to their high strength and low cost, neodymium magnets revolutionized magnetic products. These magnets are the strongest developed thus far. Because neodymium magnets are between seven and fourteen times stronger than ceramic magnets they are sometimes called super strong or powerful magnets. MPCO sells the strongest type of neodymium rare permanent magnets on the market at MPCO with a grade range of N35-N52.

    All our magnets are customized made, so your kindly email us following information will be highly appreciated.
    1. Dimensions, drawing is preferrable.
    2. Magnet grade you’re looking for;
    3. Coating of the magnets: NiCuNi, Epoxy, Zinc, Passivation etc.
    4. Magnetized direction;
    5. Quantity;
    6. Constant working temperature;
    7. Your information on how you use magnets in your applications will always be appreciated.

    Rectangular Channel Bar Magnet Assembly

    Rectangular Channel Bar Magnet Assembly

    A. Sampling order available;
    B. Neodymium bar magnets inside;
    C. Steel plate capping block magnets together;
    D. Original factory, independent export;
    1. Material: NdFeB magnets, steel, screw;
    2. Shape: Bar shaped channel magnet assembly;
    3. Size: Different sizes customized; NdFeB Countersunk Encased Channel Magnets 100mm
    4. Packaging: White box available, standard export cartons, and also as your requirements.
    5. Application:
    1) What?
    For hardware such as hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, clamps, pliers, knifes, kitchen tools, ferrous hand tool.
    2) Where?
    Garages, service stations, workshops, butcher shops, commercial kitchens, even inside truck and van.
    3) How?
    Directly mount on the wall: mount it on wall or other place with screw firmly.

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