NdFeB Rubberized Magnetic Door Stop

/NdFeB Rubberized Magnetic Door Stop
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  • NdFeB Rubberized Magnetic Door Stop, Rubberized NdFeB Magnet Door Hinge, Rubber Coated Door Hinge Magnet System, Neodymium Magnetic door stop with rubberized bumper

    NdFeB Rubberized Magnetic Door Stop Technical Specifications:
    Part No. RCMS11-65
    Styel Magnetic door stop
    Material NdFeb with rubberized bumper
    Housing Rubber
    Dimension width: 30,00 mm, height: 23,00 mm, lenght: 65,00 mm
    Color Black
    Tolerance + / – 0,1 mm
    Pull Force/Adherence approx. 6 kg
    Temperature 60 °C
    Weight approx. 22 g

    Rubber COATed Magnetic Door Hinges – Rubberized Magnetic door stop with rubberized bumper. Holds doors and flaps open. Good attenuation through membranous and rubberized magnetic system. Easy fixation with screws. Santoprene Rubber coating, Neodymium Magnets (NdFeB) inside for maximum holding forces, Extremely good sheer forces – high resistance to sliding.

    1, Magnetic door stopper or door suctions, with clamp magnets, are used for all types of doors.
    2, Magnetic door catcher is easy to fix the doors.
    3, Magnetic door catchers are used to stop and avoid doors being shut suddenly with astonished noise by wind without any forenotice.

    Here you find different neodymium magnetic systems with no specific fixing/mounting properties. These magnets can be glued or sewed up in textiles. The Santoprene coating protects all surfaces and increases the adherence.

    Neodymium magnets are brittle and are to be handled with care. They can crack, chip, or shatter if allowed to slam against each other. Eye protection glasses should be worn when handling magnets, due to launching of small magnetic pieces at high speeds if shattering occurs. rubber coated magnetic systems

    Strong magnets can pose a serious pinch hazard resulting from their attractive force on each other and to all ferrous materials. Ferrous materials should be kept far away from magnets. Large magnets are strong enough to severely pinch fingers and other body parts, as well as, break bones. Their large magnetic force can cause magnets to jump out of your hand grip and snap together with great force. Always use a strong grip and handle with great care.

    NdFeB Rubberized Magnetic System Dimension

    NdFeB Rubberized Magnetic System Dimension

    Part No. L mm B mm H mm d2 mm Force N Weight g Temperature °C
    RCMS11-65 65 30 23 10 54 22 60
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