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  • Neodymium Cylindrical Ring Coreless Motor Magnets, coreless brushless or brush motor permanent magnet, Rotor Magnets for Brushed DC Motor / Brushless DC Motor / Coreless Servo Motor / Coreless Gear Motor Stepper Motor

    The most of coreless motor magnets are utilize diametrically-magnetized high performance Neodymium ring magnet or tube cylidrical magnets grade N52, N54, N50M, N35H-N48H, N35SH-N45SH, etc. plating can be nickel, zinc, epoxy, passivation …

    Structure and Working Principle of Coreless Motor

    Coreless motor can be classified to coreless brush motor and coreless brushless motor according to the commutation mode. Coreless brush motor uses the mechanical brush to commutate and composed of housing, soft magnetic inner stator, permanent magnet outer stator and coreless-type rotor armature. Torque will generate when the current passing through the windings of coreless brush motor and rotor start to rotate. Brush utilizes mechanical commutator to change the current direction once rotor rotated to the specific angle, then direction of output torque being kept constant and rotor continued to rotate. Coreless brushless motor uses the electric commutation mode and composed of housing, soft magnetic material, insulating material, stator made by coreless armature and the permanent magnet rotor. The commutation of coreless brushless motor is released through access circuit to different windings.

    Introduction of Coreless Motor

    Coreless motor is a new type of micro motor which also known as hollow cup motor. Unlike conventional motors, coreless motor utilizes slotless and coreless coil as the armature winding which pierced iron core structure of traditional motor, then significantly reduce weight and moment of inertia and fundamentally eliminate the eddy current loss of iron core, therefore, energy loss of motor during the running process will be decreased. Coreless motor has been become one of the development direction of the motor because of its energy saving performance, high sensitivity, control and operation characteristics, therefore coreless motor magnet received wide attention.

    Advantages of Coreless Motor

    Coreless winding will ensure low moment of inertia and thus provide quick starting speed.
    Low loss and high efficiency, without reluctance torque and eddy current loss generated by the iron
    Extraordinary sensitivity and response speed.
    Relatively high ratio of power to volume.
    Low torque ripple and noise.
    Low armature inductance and superior commutation performance.
    Excellent heat dissipating capability and service life.

    Circumferentially Oriented Magnets in Hysteresis Coupling

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