Neodymium Magnetic Rubber Tape 3M Adhesive Tape

/Neodymium Magnetic Rubber Tape 3M Adhesive Tape
  • Neodymium Magnetic Rubber Tape 3M Adhesive Tape
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  • Neodymium Magnetic Rubber Tape 3M Adhesive Tape, 12.5mm x 1.5mm x 1metre Isotropic / Anisotropic Self-adhesive flexible magnetic tape, Strong Rare Earth Adhesive Magnetic Strip, Rubber Tape NdFeB Magnet for securing and displaying, Flexible Neodymium Rubber Tape Magnet, Magnetic Sheet Tapes Strips China Supplier Factory

    Neodymium Magnetic Rubber Tape 3M Adhesive Tape Overview
    Item No.: FM-NMT-01
    Type: Permanent, Flexible, Neodymium
    Composite: Soft Rubber NdFeB Magnet
    Shape: Tape
    Pull Force 450 g/cm²
    Weight 210 gm
    Style Rare Earth strip magnet 3M adhesive
    Direction of Magnetisation Magnetised on one side only
    Dimensions Thickness:1.5mm, Width:12.5mm, Length:1metre
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    Neodymium tape is the strongest of all our flexible magnetic tapes, made from neodymium powder within a polymer matrix. This product has a 3M adhesive on one side for easy securing to a wide range of surfaces. Rare Earth Magnetic Strip has a width of 12.5mm, a thickness of 1.5mm and a length of 1metre. Strong neodymium tape has a pull force of 450 g/cm².

    Uses for our Rare Earth Adhesive Magnetic Strips:
    This product is ideal for use where Ferrite tapes lack enough magnetic strength. Typical uses are for securing and displaying banners, signage and heavy items (It has a pull force of 450 g/cm²). For heavier items, a glue will need to be applied as the adhesive isn’t strong enough for weighted objects.
    Attaching items like artworks, photographs and sporting memorabilia to walls and other vertical surfaces often improve the amenity of a room. These Magnetic Strips allow for damage-free and hidden fixing solutions for attaching items to walls, for craft projects and more. Whether in the workplace, home or school, these decorative items can give inspiration to people who occupy these spaces. Kiss-Cut Adhesive Magnet Sheet

    Magnetic strips provide a mighty holding force and offer significant advantages over more common fixing methods. Magnets make it easier to reposition items, reducing the need to repair the damage caused by nails and screws. A metal backplate can allow these Neodymium Strips to adhere to different surfaces, without breaching or penetrating the walls painted surface. (Consider too, self adhesive magnetic sheeting that can be easily cut to suit).

    Self-adhesive flexible magnetic tape is magnetic on one face and has premium self-adhesive on the other face. It is used extensively within the retail, exhibition and merchandising sectors to quickly display signs, photographs, posters and other point of sale display items. It is also perfect for creating magnetic closures on printed products. All tapes are supplied in polarity ‘A’ and polarity ‘B’ – if using two pieces to attract together, you will need equal amounts of each polarity.

    Here, you will also find our range of self-adhesive flexible ferrous and steel tapes which can be used to create a surface that magnetic tape will attract to.

    All our tape products are available in widths, 12.7mm, 19mm, 25mm and 50mm wide.

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