Neodymium Magnetic Stripping Self Adhesive Backing

/Neodymium Magnetic Stripping Self Adhesive Backing
  • Neodymium Magnetic Stripping Self Adhesive Backing
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    Neodymium Magnetic Stripping Self Adhesive Backing Overview
    Item No.: FM-NMT-10
    Type: Permanent, Flexible, Neodymium
    Composite: Soft Rubber NdFeB Magnet
    Shape: Tape Strip
    Material: Flexible Neodymium
    Max Operating Temp: 50 degrees Celsius
    Fixing: 3M self-adhesive
    Magnetization: isotropic
    Style Rare Earth strip magnet self-adhesive
    Pull Force 50 g/cm²
    Weight 2200 gm
    Style w/3M adhesive Part A
    Direction of Magnetisation Magnetised on the non-adhesive smooth side (A)
    Dimensions Thickness:1.6mm, Width:12.5mm, Length:30m roll
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    Self-Adhesive Neodymium Magnetic Tape  Magnetic Stripping – What Should You know?
    The neodymium power magnetic tape is extremely versatile, easy to cut to size and removable and can be helpful in a wide variety of areas. For a long time, magnetic foils and tapes could only be made from ferrite. However, these only have a fraction of the adhesive force of neodymium magnets.

    As the demand for stronger adhesive material has increased over the years, neodymium power magnetic tape has therefore been developed, which has a holding force or adhesion of up to 415 g / cm².
    With ferro-band magnets, however, this is only about 102 g / cm².
    Neodymium Magnetic Stripping magnetic strips are therefore four times as strong on average.

    The adhesive tape is therefore predestined for particularly demanding fastening solutions. To ensure that it perfectly meets the high standards, the parts are also provided with high-quality 3M adhesive. This ensures that the tape also securely holds comparatively heavy objects to the adhesive back. Self-adhesive Neodymium Flexible Tape Magnet

    Uses for our Magnafix Magnetic Tape:
    Our Magnafix Tape Magnet has a 3M 9448 adhesive on one side and is ideal for light weight applications such as paper or card. Magnafix magnetic tapes offer an excellent solution for the fixing and joining of predominantly graphic elements to either magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces, such as display systems and signage. For light box signage please use our Magnafix Tape with a TESA 4965 adhesive. The specially developed adhesives for the Magnafix range of magnetic tapes provide a superior adhesion to acrylics, steel, aluminium and other hard to adhere to surfaces. Flexible Neodymium Magnet Adhesive Tape

    This product is also great for adhering flyscreens and acrylic panels (for soundproofing) to windows and doors.

    Are you looking for an easy way to attach utensils to magnetic surfaces? The neodymium magnetic tape impresses with the fact that it adheres bombproof, but at the same time can be easily attached and removed. In addition, it is elastic and therefore extremely flexible. It can therefore easily be attached in narrow cracks – for example between window and frame – but also on any other surface. NeoFlex NdFeB Magnetic Tape 3M Self Adhesive

    The neodymium magnetic tape is available in different lengths and widths. You can choose freely from 6 to 80 mm, depending on your needs. It is available in lengths of 1 and 10 meters. If you want to glue larger areas, use our power magnetic foil. These are available in the following dimensions:

    297 x 210 mm
    300 x 300 mm
    1000 x 300 mm

    All our tape products are available in widths, 12.7mm, 19mm, 25mm and 50mm wide.

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