Neodymium Tube Magnet 12.7mmX12.7mmX100mm

/Neodymium Tube Magnet 12.7mmX12.7mmX100mm
  • Neodymium Tube Magnet 12.7mmX12.7mmX100mm
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    Neodymium Tube Magnet 12.7mmX12.7mmX100mm    Item No.  MPNTM-01    TECH SPECS:

    Voice Name Symbol SI CGS
    Shape diameter d 6 mm 0.6 cm
    Length L 100 mm 10 cm
    Width W 12.7 mm 1.27 cm
    Screw M 4 mm 0.4 cm
    direction of magnetization M A
    Weight Net 0.12 kg 120 g
    Surface treatment Polish  μm
    Surface magnetic flux density B 600 mT 6000 Gauss
    Suction force
    F  kgf  gf
    Magnetic flux density on load point Bd  mT  Gauss
    Total flux φo  Wb  Mx
    Permeance Coefficient Pc  Pc
    Maximum usage temperature Tw 100 ℃
    Minimum usage temperature Tw  ℃
    Material properties Materialsymbols Magnetic Bar 304
    remanence Br – mT – kG
    Coercivity Hcb – kA/m  kOe
    Intrinsic coercive force Hcj – kA/m  kOe
    Maximum energy product BH – kj/m3  MGOe
    Temperature coefficient Br – %/℃
    Hcj – %/℃
    Heat resistant temperature Tw – ℃
    Curie temperature Tc – ℃
    Density ρ – kg/m3
    Remarks REACH RoHS Directive

    Build or modify your own magnetic separation equipment with MPCO Magnetics’ range of Magnetic Tubes.

    Magnetic Tubes, sometimes known as Magnetic Cartridges or Magnetic Bars, can remove unwanted ferrous material and contamination from dry particle products, liquids or slurries. By mounting within your existing equipment, either individually or in multiple-row arrays, tubes can be a cost-effective do-it-yourself solution.

    Tubes consist of magnets that are fully encapsulated within stainless steel tubing to create a strong magnetic field along the side of the tube to attract and retain ferrous material. Ends are fully seal welded and can be either plain or tapped for mounting.

    We provide a variety of different styles and strengths designed to suit different applications or budgets using either Rare Earth (Neodymium) or Ferrite Ceramic magnetic material.  Rectangle Square Tube Magnetic Cartridge Bar Rod

    For standard applications the tubes are either 25mm or 25.4mm (1″) diameter. When installed in a grate arrangement, the gaps between tubes should not be more than 25mm, unless there are multiple rows of tubes.
    Construction uses type 304 or 316 stainless steel tubing. High temperature options are available. Other size tubes are possible e.g. 50mm dia.
    For Fine Powders we offer special magnets with a Teardrop shaped profile.  Square Magnetic Rod for Separator

    For heavy duty applications and/or large or abrasive product, we also manufacture heavy duty tubes that are 38.1mm (1.5″) square. These tubes should be mounted at 45 degrees to the direction of product flow and allow a wider spacing between tubes than standard round tubes.


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