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    Plain Laminated Magnetic Sheets Overview
    Item No.: FM-FMT-12
    Type: Permanent, Flexible
    Composite: Soft Rubber Ferrite Magnet
    Material: Flexible Ferrite
    Producible range of Plain Magnetic sheets
    Thickness: 0.2~8mm (8~315mil)
    Width: up to 1500mm (60”)
    Length: as request
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    Plain Magnetic Sheets are permanent magnetic material with one side magnetized and the other side non-magnetized. It can be laminated with PVC, PP, paper and etc. The magnetized side is for working with magnetic receptive material, such as iron board. The minimum thickness is only 0.2mm ( 0.008”) and the maximum width is up to 1.52M(60”). We have different magnetic material with different magnetic property and strength, both standard energy magnets and high energy magnets.

    Popular Size of Plain Magnetic sheets

    Length Width Thickness
    Other sizes are also available.

    Magnetic property of Plain Magnetic sheets

    Item Material Finish thickness Magnetic force
    Standard energy Isotropic Plain brown 0.25mm(10mil) ≥6g/cm2
    0.5mm(20mil) ≥22g/cm2
    0.7mm(30mil) ≥34g/cm2
    High energy Anisotropic 0.2mm(8mil) ≥5g/cm2
    0.5mm(20mil) ≥40g/cm2
    0.7mm(30mil) ≥60g/cm2

    Whether for power vehicles, wind turbines, or a variety of household appliances, as a magnetic field conversion of mechanical and electrical energy motor device is the most important component. Traditional motors generate magnetic field by means of electric current, which is called electric excitation. Another way is with a flexible magnet that doesn’t require extra energy to generate a magnetic field. This so-called flexible Magnets motor has no excitation winding and dc excitation power supply, with simpler structure, more reliable operation, less loss and more extensive application, which has become a hot pursuit in the field of investment. PVC Coloured Magnetic Tapes

    A core part of the flexible Magnets motor is a flexible magnet material that generates magnetic fields in the surrounding space without the need for additional energy. Among all flexible Magnets, NdFeB has the highest performance and is currently the most commonly used material. The ferrite Flexible Magnets are the most commonly used magnetic material, second only to the NdFeB.

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