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  • Plastic Casing Ceramic Magnets, Assorted Colors Organizing Ferrite Office Magnets, Promotional Round Ceramic Magnet in Square Plastic Casing, memomagnets, organization magnets, fridge magnets, magnets for whiteboards China supplier

    Assorted Colors Plastic Casing Ceramic Magnets Features:
    Modle No. MP-BOFM24
    Magnet: Hard Ferrite / Ceramic
    Length L 24mm
    Width W 24mm
    Highth H 7mm
    Weight (kg): 0,009
    Pull Force (kg): 0.65
    Color: Blue, Grey, Black, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Green, Yellow or customer’s request
    Magnetization: Magnetized Through the Thickness

    Ferrite magnets for notice board, office and fridge / Coloured magnets
    All magnets in this category are designed and made in Germany! These coloured magnets are perfect for whiteboard, magnetic boards and your fridge at home. They are also known as memomagnets, organization magnets, fridge magnets and magnets for whiteboards.
    The magnet core is placed in a plastic casing. The plastic casings are available in many different colours. Before you move on with your purchase remember that the bigger the magnets the better their magnetic force. assorted colors organizing ferrite office magnets
    You need magnets with your company logo? No problem! Please contact us to get an offer!

    These unique magnets make fast work of communicating status on your whiteboard system (or used on any steel surface). Put one next to a scheduled job showing the red side, then when completed, turn it over to flash the green side. One glance tells you and your team the minute-by-minute status of every job on the board. Also handy for many other instant communication applications: On shelf edges, bins, storage drawers or cabinet doors to show low stock and on order status and also on steel doors and door frames to signal in use, available or special room conditions, etc.
    Promotional Plastic Casing Ceramic Magnets are suitable for planning and organizing in warehouses or offices. Their ease of placement and low cost make them ideal for planning purposes, graphics and holding notes against ferrous metal noticeboards. plastic coated magnets China manufacturer and supplier.

    Modle No. Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Pull Force (Kg)
    L W H
    MP-BOFM55 55 22.5 8.5 0,0256 1,5
    MP-BOFM37 37 22 7.5 0,013 1,1
    MP-BOFM35 35 35 9 0,018 1
    MP-BOFM24 24 24 7 0,009 0,650
    MP-BOFM21 21 12.5 6.5 0,005 0,300
    MP-BOFM11 11 11 6.5 0,0015 0,150
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