Plasto-Ferrite Multipole Air Cylinder Ring Magnet

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  • Plasto-Ferrite Multipole Air Cylinder Ring Magnet
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    Plasto-Ferrite Multipole Air Cylinder Ring Magnet Pneumatic Cylinder Specifications:
    Dimension: IR 49.5*32*4mm
    Material: injection bonded Ferrite magnets (plastic magnets)
    Magnet Shape: Ring
    Magnet Size: OD 49.5mm, ID 32mm, T 4mm
    Magnetization: axial
    Magnetic surface filed >650Gs
    Application : Magnet for Pneumatic cylinder

    This specification defines the dimensional and magnetic properties of a multipole magnetic ring for Pneumatic cylinder sesnor applications.

    It is essential to monitor the motion processes in pneumatic cylinders. The permanent magnet mounted on the piston inside the Pneumatic cylinder . The Magnetic cylinder sensors contactlessly detect the piston position of the cylinders and give a switching signal .

    Available typical magnet rings for Pneumatic Cylinder application:

    Cylinder (mm) Magnet Ring/two half Ring Magnetic Strength
    Φ20 D19.5*12*4mm ≥650Gauss
    Φ25 D24.5*16*4mm ≥650Gauss
    Φ32 D31.5*21*4mm ≥650Gauss
    Φ40 D39.5*24*4mm ≥650Gauss
    Φ50 D49.5*32*4mm ≥650Gauss
    Φ50 D49.5*35*5mm ≥650Gauss
    Φ63 D62.5*42*4mm ≥650Gauss
    Φ63 D62.5*48*5mm ≥650Gauss
    Φ80 D79.5*58*4mm ≥650Gauss
    Φ100 D99.5*78*5mm ≥650Gauss
    D125 D124.4*96*6mm ≥650Gauss
    D160 D159*131.2*6mm ≥650Gauss
    D200 D199*185*5mm ≥650Gauss

    Ring Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnets are a combination of good magnetic strength and strong physical properties. The magnets can be easily manufactured on a large scale with close dimensional tolerances and need no finishing operations, thus saving costs. Ashvini Magnets offers a range of injection bonded ferrite magnets that are recognised for high durability and utility. The magnets can be manufactured as per design or custom designed to suit the applications.

    For a famous magnet company in the pneumatic field we have realized 1000. 000 injection ferrite rings and 100.000 neodymium rings for pneumatic cylinder magnetic sensor.

    The final customer’s need was to improve sensor’s reading precision reducing dimensions.

    His first solution was a plasto-ferrite ring, axially magnetized. The low properties of this magnetic material forced the use of a lumbering magnet, beyond the necessity of keeping the ring very close to the sensor for a better reading.

    Our work, instead, focused on the realization of sintered neodymium magnet ring, axially magnetized and coated with epoxy resin. Injection Ferrite Ring Pneumatic Cylinder Positioning Magnet

    The ring magnetic performances, definitely higher than previous solution, allowed to reduce sensor’s dimension, offering a more precise reading. Consequently, the distance between magnet and sensor increased. The axial magnetization of neodymium ring has been realized more perpendicular comparing with the one of plasto-ferrite magnet. In the end, epoxy coating has garanted a longer life of pneumatic cylinder. Standard Air Cylinder Magnet Injection Mould Ferrite Ring

    End customer has finally obtained a better sensor’s precision, putting on the market an evolved system, with reduced sizes. Pneumatic Cylinder Sensor Magnet Injection Plastic Ferrite Material ,  Ring Ferrite Magnet for Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

    MPCO is able to projects and produce customized magnets, to satisfy every customer needs. Plastic Bonded Ferrite Pneumatic Cylinder Ring Magnet

    The Complete Magnet Piston fulfills a large number of technical requirements within the pneumatics industry with its double-acting operation, dynamic sealing capability, guidance feature and mechanical end cushioning. An NBR O-Ring acts as a static seal and seals the rod while an integrated magnet detects position. The dimension, magnet flux and return spring groove can all be customized to specific requirements.
    Cylinder Type
    Double Acting Cylinder
    Single Acting Cylinder
    Guided Double Acting Cylinder
    High Force Stacking Cylinder
    Linear Guide
    Multi Position Cylinder
    Piston Ø
    8 mm to 25 mm  Bonded Ferrite Multipole Magnetic Ring for Pneumatic Cylinder
    32 mm to 125 mm
    160 mm to 320 mm  Ring Ferrite Magnet for Magnetic Cylinder Sensors
    ISO Type
    ISO 15552
    ISO 21287
    ISO 6432
    Stainless Steel
    304 Stainless Steel
    316 Stainless Steel
    High Temperature Seals
    Low Temperature
    Adjustable cushions
    Magnetic piston
    Cushioning rings
    Metal rod scraper
    Low friction

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