Powerful Magnetic Separation Rod with Handle Two Rings

/Powerful Magnetic Separation Rod with Handle Two Rings
  • Powerful Magnetic Separation Rod with Handle Two Rings
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    Powerful Magnetic Separation Rod with Handle Two Rings – Magnetic Filter Bars (Magnetic Separator Bar / Tube) provide an effective means removing ferrous chips and metal particles from loosely packed, free flowing materials. They are usually constructed of 304 stainless steel tubes, or 316 stainless steel tubes for special domains filled with Ceramic or Rare Earth Magnet. Either round or square shape bars are available for customers’ desiring for special applications.

    These very strong neodymium magnetic bars are designed to remove small ferromagnetic contaminants from your pipeline bulk streams. Our strongest types can even remove fine weakly magnetic contamination, such as stainless steel 316 wear particles. Magnetic bars are the building blocks of many magnetic filtering systems, like our magnetic grids, Cleanflow magnets and magnetic filters for pressure lines.
    Magnetic bars come in various magnet qualities, sizes, interface connections, robustness, etc. All types are equipped with a waterproof welded stainless steel 316L housing, and a smoothly polished surface.

    Neodymium magnets (N42/42SH/52)
    Very powerful
    Length 100-600 mm
    Tube material AISI316L

    Magnetic filters may apply in medicines, sanitation, textile, machinery and foodstuffs. The filer will attract iron/steel substances away from liquids, from among grains or powders.

    Magnetic grate optional features:
    1. The shell material: SS304, SS316,SS316L;
    2. The magnetic strength grade: 6000Gs, 8000Gs,10000Gs, 11000GS, 12000Gs;
    3. Working temperature grade <: 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200 degree Celsius;
    4. Various designs available: easy clean type, one layer, multilayer;
    5. Sizes and Shape: any sizes and any shapes, such as square, rectangle,
    round, oval, triangle, rhombus or irregular polygon;
    6. Also takes customers’ designs.

    Our standard bars is 25mm. (1 inch) in diameter and any length per customers’request up to 2500mm… Besides, we also take special orders, such as square shape Magnetic bars. Normal Size: Dia25x100mm, Dia25x150mm, Dia25x200,Dia25x250mm, Dia25x300mm, Dia25x350mm, Dia25x400mm, Dia25x450mm,
    Dia25x500mm, Dia25x10000mm, Dia25x15000mm.

    Threaded Hole:
    1, Tapped threaded holes at each end for easy installation.
    2, Tapped one threaded hole at one end, and the other end is plain welded.
    3, Both of ends are plain welded.  Neodymium Magnetic Separation Rods with Screw Hole

    Payment Term:
    T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal.

    Package & Shipment:
    1. By Express(DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS ect): Door to door, Short Delivery time, 3-5 days.
    2. By Air: Short Delivery Time, 3-7 days.
    3. By Sea: Cheap Shipping Cost, 7-30 days.

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