PQ Type Ferrite Core MnZn Soft Ferrite Magnet

/PQ Type Ferrite Core MnZn Soft Ferrite Magnet
  • PQ Type Ferrite Core MnZn Soft Ferrite Magnet
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    PQ Type Ferrite Core MnZn Soft Ferrite Magnet (PQ Type MnZn Soft Ferrite Core)
    Material: MnZn.(Manganese,Zinc)
    Application:  Line Filter,choke coil, light driver transformer.
    Initial Permeability: Initial permeability,
    Ui :2000-15000,include power and high permeability material
    Certificated: ISO9001-2008, SGS-ROHS.
    MOQ: No MOQ for the trial order.
    Samples: 10-50pcs free samples for freight collect.
    Features: Working frequency below 1MHZ, 1khz,10khz,100khz-500khz with good performance inductance AL value and small core loss.common material is MnZn power material . Curie TC>200C°.
    Necessary information before quote:  Product size,material or characteristic or testing datasheet,order quantity, usage, it will be better if can provide drawing,other special requirements, like package..
    Why choose us:
    1.12 years experiences in ferrite core manufacturer.
    2.Accepted customized special size products.
    3.Materials Covered ferrite NiZn,MnZn,Nanocrystalline,Iron powder.
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    5.Better aftersales services

    Introduce of PQ cores
    PQ Ferrite Core, one kind of Mn-Zn Ferrite Cores, are designed especially for switched mode power supplies. The design provides an optimized ratio of volume to winding area and surface area. As a result, both maximum inductance and winding area are possible with a minimum core size. The PQ cores thus provide maximum power output with a minimum assembled transformer weight and volume, in addition to taking up a minimum amount of area on the printed circuit board. Assembly with printed circuit bobbins and one piece clamps is simplified. This efficient design provides a more uniform cross-sectional area; thus Power MnZn ferrite core tends to operate with fewer hot spots than with other designs.

    Advantages of PQ Cores Assemblies
    As one of specialty Core Ferrite Manufacturers, our PQ Cores posses special advantages as fllows,wide core selection; unique one-piece clamp; minimal wire losses; heavy wire capability; multiple tap capability; consistency and uniformity; compact packaging on PCB easy; low-cost assembly; 12, 14 pin bobbins; easy mounting, etc. Also we have high-tech manufacture than other Core Ferrite Manufacturers.

    TYPE APPLICATION MnZn Magnetic Core
    RM Filters, inductors and transformers for telecommunication other electronic equipment
    PQ switching power transformers and chokes
    EC switching power transformers and chokes
    EE :Transformers and chokes for switching power supplies, filter, inductor
    EI various kinds of transformers and chokes
    EP wide-band transformers and various types of inductors
    Toroidal pulse and wide-band transformers, various types of filters, inductors and chokes
    UF mainly used for line filters in color TV sets
    U mainly used for fly back transformers in B/W and color TV sets

    PQ Cores are built with dimensions that provide an optimized ratio of volume to winding and surface area. They offer maximum power output with a minimum transformer weight and volume. The cores work with only a few hot spots as compared to other designs. They are available in a variety of sizes such as PQ2020, PQ2609, PQ2610, PQ2616, PQ2620, PQ2625, PQ3220, and PQ3230. Common applications of PQ cores are SMPS and power inductors.

    Optimized ratio of volume to the winding area
    Max power output with least transformer weight
    Few hot spot
    Pressing can be done on a hydraulic press with pneumatic control
    Power inductor

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    Type Dimensions(mm)
    A B C D E F Gmin
    PQ20/16 20.5±0.4 18.0±0.4 8.8±0.2 14.0±0.4 5.0 +0.3 -0 8.0 +0.2
    PQ20/16A 20.5±0.4 18.0±0.4 8.8±0.2 14.0±0.4 5.15±0.15 8.1±0.1 12.0
    PQ20/20 20.5±0.4 18.0±0.4 8.8±0.2 14.0±0.4 7.0 +0.3
    10.2 +0.2
    PQ20/20A 20.5±0.4 18.0±0.4 8.8±0.2 14.0±0.4 7.15±0.15 10.1±0.1 12.0
    PQ26/20A 26.5±0.45 22.5±0.45 12.0±0.2 19.0±0.45 5.75±0.15 9.95 +0.25
    PQ26/20 26.5±0.45 22.5±0.45 12.0±0.2 19.0±0.45 5.75±0.15 10.0 +0.1
    PQ26/25 26.5±0.45 22.5±0.45 12.0±0.2 19.0±0.45 8.05±0.15 12.5 +0
    PQ26/25A 26.5±0.45 22.5±0.45 12.0±0.2 19.0±0.45 8.05±015 12.4 +0.1
    PQ32/20 32.0±0.5 27.5±0.5 13.45±0.25 22.0±0.5 5.75±0.15 10.3 +0.1
    PQ32/20A 32.0±0.5 27.5±0.5 13.45±0.25 22.0±0.5 5.75±0.15 10.4 +0
    PQ32/30A 32.0±0.5 27.5±0.5 13.7+0 -0.5 20.0±0.5 10.5 +0.3
    15.3 +0
    PQ32/30B 35.1±0.6 17.4 +0.1
    13.45±0.25 22.0±0.5 10.65±0.15 15.2 +0.1
    PQ35/35 35.1±0.6 32.0±0.5 22.0±0.5 26.0±0.5 12.5±0.15 17.5 +0
    PQ35/35A 40.5±0.9 32.0±0.5 14.35±0.25 13.45±0.25 27.5±0.5 10.65±0.15 19.0
    PQ40/40 40.5±0.9 37.0±0.6 14.9±0.3 28.0±0.6 14.75±0.15 20.0 +0
    PQ40/40A 40.5±0.9 37.0±0.6 14.9±0.3 28.0±0.6 14.75±0.15 19.9 +0.1
    PQ50/50 50.0±0.9 20.0±0.35 20.0±0.35 32.0±0.6 18.05±0.15 25.0 +0.1


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