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  • Precast Concrete Magnetic Formwork
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  • Precast Concrete Magnetic Formwork, U-profile Formwork Shuttering System, MagSwing U-profile Shuttering System U60 with 2 chamfers or 1 chamfer or no chamfer, magnetic precast concrete shuttering profile China factory

    MPCO Precast Concrete Magnetic Formwork shuttering systems have proven their outstanding qualities under tough practical testing. Through an ongoing development, we have developed a modular formwork system which can be used flexibly, rapidly, safely and efficiently in every field. MPCO shuttering systems key features are: integrated high-performance magnets, flexible formwork lengths and adjustable heights, easy positioning, fixing and removal of the shuttering, either in manual, crane or robotic handling. This provides a cost effective, efficient solutions for the production of high quality precast concrete elements.

    The Shuttering systems is equipped with two transport holes for strapping with the help of a special traverse.
    Depending on the height, each board is equipped with a magnetic system of required lifting capacity. For example, the magnetic steel board with the parameters of 120х160х3580 mm is equipped with three magnets with the clamping force of 2400 kg.
    Boards with side working surfaces of different shapes are applied depending on the configuration of the end face of the concrete product. It is possible to form a recess, a ridge or just a bevel in the end of the product.
    Magnetic steel boards can have various shapes depending on the needs of a particular production.

    This is our new design magnet formwork. our current size have 2m, 3.62m. U 60mm, High 70mm,  Length is 500mm – 3500mm. shuttering system with no chamfer, 1 chamfer, 2 chamfers.

    U-Profile Shuttering System Dimension

    U-Profile Shuttering System Dimension

    Magnet formwork systems – with a fixing system gives the supplier of reinforced concrete products the following advantages:
    – meeting individual orders;
    – dramatic reduction the lead time and assembly cost when producing reinforced concrete products;
    – flexibility for engineering modifications in standard construction projects;
    – possibility to launch production of new highly demanded products, that could not be produced earlier for technical or other reasons;
    – exclusion of energy-consuming electric welding that damages expensive trays and costly form stripping works;
    – unlimited possibilities to create products of any configuration. U-profile formwork shuttering system

    U-profiles Magnetic Shuttering System Length Size

    U-profiles Magnetic Shuttering System Length Size


     Items No. L(mm) B(mm) H(mm) Magnet Chamfer 10×45°
    MFSUP-500 500 60 70 1 NO, one or two side
    MFSUP-1000 1000 60 70 2 NO, one or two side
    MFSUP-1500 1500 60 70 2 NO, one or two side
    MFSUP-2000 2000 60 70 2 NO, one or two side
    MFSUP-2500 2500 60 70 2 NO, one or two side
    MFSUP-3000 3000 60 70 2 NO, one or two side
    MFSUP-3500 3500 60 70 2 NO, one or two side

    Notes:Standard height: 60, 65, 70, 75 or 80 mm, Standard width: 60 mm, Steel plate: 3 mm

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