Precast Holding Magnet System 1100kgs

/Precast Holding Magnet System 1100kgs
  • Precast Holding Magnet System 1100kgs
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  • Precast Holding Magnet System 1100kgs, NdFeB Shuttering Magnet, Shuttering Formwork Magnet System Magnetic Box, Universal Construction Precast Concrete Formwork Magnetic Shutter China Factory

    Precast Holding Magnet System 1100kgs Features:
    Item No.: MPCOMS-1100
    Magnetic Force: 1100 kgs
    Material: Stainless Steel, Iron, Neodymium Magnets
    Surface Treatment: Steel Nature Treated, Magnet Ni-plated or Zn-plated with Epoxy
    Max Working Temperature: 80℃ or as per needs
    Applications: Precast concrete formwork

    This permanent magnet system used to be customized according to shutter size of steel platform in precast concrete plants. Owing to special structure designs, this holding magnet can keep long-time high adhesive force performance from distorted deformation. It will be greased for rust protection before packing and delivery.

    As a professional shuttering magnets manufacturer in China, MPCO Magnetics could offer you Germany qualified magnets, but with Chinese price, which is a very good choice to take place of Ratec’s similar shuttering magnets for your production.
    Our formwork and magnets have a high manufacturing quality and guarantee many years of reliability. With your specifications for quantities and the manufacturing conditions in the concrete plant, we would be delighted to generate a proposal for you. u-profile formwork magnet system

    This magnetic holder system is suitable for the installation in U-profiles, which are used at the production of element-ceilings.
    On demand, this magnetic holder is delivered for the installation in U-profiles with a incline of 5 x 45°,
    with other milled gaps or robot suitability. The magnetic holders are not screwed, but reiveted with stainless steel flat to the surface.
    So that the magnet always with the appropriate side mount and by adjust these do not damaged, only the detention side is milled. The U-profiles matching to this magnet system, you get on demand with draft.

    Item No. L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Force(kg)
    MPCOMS-500 140 50 50 500
    MPCOMS-1100 230 50 50 1100

    Notes: Other special shuttering magnets can be customized according to your requirements.

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