PTFE Cross Head Magnet Stirrer Bar

/PTFE Cross Head Magnet Stirrer Bar
  • PTFE Cross Head Magnet Stirrer Bar
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    PTFE Cross Head Magnet Stirrer Bar  Feature:
    Item No. MSB-SB series
    Material Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ,  Teflon
    Color White
    Shape  Cylindrical , Cylinder, Rod -Style
    Name: Magnetic Stirrer
    Material: Magnet inside(NdFeB),PTFE coated
    Size: small sizes

    Designed for use with tube-like containers yet very effective as general stirrers with great turbulance.
    Mix in small-diameter vessels
    One-piece coating of PTFE resists corrosion, heat, and cold
    Chemically inert stir bars won’t contaminate liquid being stirred
    Guaranteed to be leakproof
    These micro stir bars feature strong alnico V magnets with one-piece coating of PTFE. Low-friction PTFE coating ensures smooth spinning and maximum energy transfer.

    Cylindrical magnetic stirring bars with integral pivot ring are the most commonly used shape. Choose from red, yellow or blue.
    Alnico magnet encapsulated in FDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE low friction coating; durable and inert  Octagonal Color-Coded Colored Stirring Bar Magnet Kit  Micro Power Magnetic Stirring Bars
    Interrupted profile provides greater surface area and added turbulence when compared to the smooth surface of cylindrical bars
    Manufactured in a registered ISO 9001:2008 facility, as verified by SGS certification

    PTFE-encapsulated magnetic core made of a very strong magnetic material (rare earth magnet samarium-cobalt), torque loads transmitted are about 4 times larger than those of conventional magnetic stirring bars. No risk of demagnetization, sterilisable, extremely smooth surface avoiding contaminations, universal chemical resistance.  Micro PTFE Magnets Stir Rod Laboratory Bar
    They are mainly used for agitating viscous liquids or for bridging larger distances between the magnetic stirring machine and the magnetic stirring bar. Optimum mixing in vessels with a big volume or in tall graduated cylinders

    Item Number Item Description PQ Price Qty Avail Quantity
    MSB-SB-47 Stirrer Bar, Magnetic, Double Crosshead, 8 x 10mm, PTFE
    MSB-SB-48 Stirrer Bar, Magnetic, Double Crosshead, 10 x 14mm, PTFE
    MSB-SB-49 Stirrer Bar, Magnetic, Double Crosshead, 13 x 17mm, PTFE
    MSB-SB-50 Stirrer Bar, Magnetic, Double Crosshead, 15 x 22mm, PTFE
    MSB-SB-51 Stirrer Bar, Magnetic, Double Crosshead, 12 x 30mm, PTFE
    MSB-SB-52 Stirrer Bar, Magnetic, Double Crosshead, 14 x 40mm, PTFE

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