Purchase Small Bonded NdFeB Magnets for Electrical Motors

/Purchase Small Bonded NdFeB Magnets for Electrical Motors
  • Purchase Small Bonded NdFeB Magnets for Electrical Motors
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    Purchase Small Bonded NdFeB Magnets for Electrical Motors Specification:
    Shape Ring
    Grade BNP-6
    Size OD20*ID16*22
    Material: Bonded Neodymium
    features: multipoles radial ring magnet
    coating: black epoxy plated
    application:Motor Rotor Sensor
    Br: 5900-6500 KGS
    Hcb ≥302-374 KA/m
    Hcj ≥7.5-10.0 KA/m
    (BH)max 44-53.6 KJ/M3
    Temp. Coefficlent 120°C
    The product can be customed by your requirement.

    Bonded magnets are an important but often overlooked group of products that magnetic circuit and device designers should consider when choosing the optimum permanent magnet type for their specific application need. In their most basic form bonded magnets consist of two components; a hard magnetic powder and a non-magnetic polymer or rubber binder. The powder may be hard ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo, alnico, or mixtures of two or more magnetic powders known as hybrids. In all cases, the powder properties are optimized through processing and chemistry specifically aimed at utilization in a bonded magnet. The binder that holds the magnetic particles in place can produce either a flexible or rigid magnet. Typical binders for flexible magnets are nitrile rubber and vinyl. Binders for rigid magnets include nylon, PPS, polyester, Teflon, and thermoset epoxies. Bonded Magnet Materials and Processing Options

    1) Material: Bonded Neodymium-Iron-Boron;
    2) Temperature: the max operation temp is up to 150 degree centigrade;
    3) Grade:BNP-2,BNP-4,BNP-6, NP-7,BNP-7H,BNP-8,BNP-8H,BNP-10,BNP-10H,BNP-10L,BNP-12,BNP-12L.
    5) Size: according to customers’ request;
    6) Coating:cathode electrophoresis coating,Parylene coating and epoxide resin coating for protecting magnet;
    7) According to customer’s request .We can supply different size magnetic hook.
    8) Good quality with competitive price and best delivery date.
    9) Application: sensors,motors, rotors, wind turbines,wind generators, loudspeakers,magnetic holder, filters automobiles and so on.

    The thermoplastic binders may be formed into sheet via a calendaring or extrusion or formed into various complex shapes using injection molding. BNP-6 Bonded NdFeB Radial Magnets for Cellular Phones
    Compression bonding almost exclusively combines isotropic NdFeB powders with a thermoset epoxy binder using a uniaxial room temperature pressing process. A major advantage of bonded magnet processing is near net shape manufacturing requiring zero or minimal finishing operations compared to powder or cast metallurgical processes. In addition value added assemblies can be economically produced in a single operation.

    Proprty Grade Br (mT) Br (Gs) Hcb
    (kJ/m 3)
    Tw/ ºC
    BNP-3 450-510 4500-5100 199-263 477-597 6.0-7.5 24-32 24-32 3.0-4.0 120
    BNP-6 590-650 5900-6500 302-374 597-796 7.5-10.0 44-53.6 44-53.6 5.5-7.0 120
    BNP-8 620-670 6200-6700 390-454 636-796 8.0-10.0 60-68 60-68 8.0-9.5 120
    BNP-8SR 620-660 6200-6600 405-470 955-1114 12.0-14.0 65.6-72 65.6-72 8.2-9.0 160
    BNP-9H 650-700 6500-4000 421-484 915-1034 11.5-13.0 72-80 72-80 9.0-10.0 160
    BNP-10 680-720 6800-7200 413-477 636-796 8.0-10.0 76-84 76-84 9.5-10.5 120
    BNP-11 700-740 7000-7400 430-493 636-796 8.0-10.0 80-88 80-88 10.0-11.0 120
    BNP-12L 730-770 7300-7700 366-430 517-637 6.5-8.0 84-92 84-92 10.5-11.5 110

    A major advantage of isotropic NdFeB magnetic powders is that no aligning field is required during forming process (injection molding or compression bonding), simplifying fabrication and since
    there is no residual magnetization to attract ferromagnetic particles to the magnets, enhancing cleanliness during subsequent handling and assembly operations.
    Injection molding versus compression bonding

    Injection Molding

    • Complex forms with good geometrical tolerances
    • Multi-cavity tooling
    • Over and insert molding

    • Expensive tooling
    • Lower magnetics (66% volume loading of magnetic powders)
    • NdFeB and ferrite

    Compression Bonding

    • Thin wall, large L/D ratio rings
    • Simple low cost tooling
    • Higher magnetics (75% volume loading of magnetic powder)

    • Simple geometrics
    • Value added operations during pressing very difficult
    • NdFeb only

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