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  • Race Bib Magnets Race Dots Race Number Fix Points Pins
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  • Race Bib Magnets Race Dots Race Number Fix Points Pins, Magnetic Bib Attachers, Super Strong Bib Magnets for Race Numbers Of Running, Cycling, Marathon number card magnetic buckle, Round Neodymium Plastic Magnet Running Fix Clips, Marathon Number Card Magnetic Buckle Supplier Factory

    Magnetic Buckles Race Bib Magnets Race Dots Race Number Fix Points Pins Orange
    Item No. MP-RRNM series
    Color: Orange color (custom design pattern)
    Design: The round shape without edges has been created to guarantee maximum grip. Many colors and designs available. The package can be reused to place the magnets after use.
    Usage: These magnets can be used in all sports where you use sports race numbers to be attached to shirts; Running, cycling, dancing, riding, etc.
    Customized: Create your own magnets with your company logo, event or sponsor. Realization in color with high visibility that lasts over time.
    Dimension: D19*3mm,D17*3mm
    Pacakge: 4 pairs per polybag

    Running Race Number Magnet Race Bibs Magnet Marathon Race Number Magnet
    This is an easy way to put a match number on a shirt or jacket.
    Use this product to magnetically clip the game number to your clothes and avoid damaging your clothes.
    This weight is very light, reducing the burden on your game.
    The rounded edges will make you feel comfortable.
    Material: plastic + magnet

    No need to use pins
    Doesn’t damage clothing
    No sharp corners or edges
    4 pairs of magnets per packet
    Lightweight but strong magnetic connection keeps race numbers in place
    Product information
    The Race Number Magnets are the simple and secure way to attach race numbers to clothing without causing damage to technical fabrics.

    Magnetic FIX POINTS MP-RRNM – new superstrong bib magnets – for trailrunning, dancing, cycling
    As an evolution to the standard Fixpoints (used especially by runners), the MP-RRNM stand out for their additional grip thanks to the increase in strength guaranteed by their superior magnets.

    MP-RRNM are especially suitable for sports such as Trailrunning, Dance, Nordic skiing, Cycling
    With a weight of approx. 25 gr. the complete set and a size of 20mm, MP-RRNM guarantee maximum comfort for the athlete. They have two round sides, one white and one black, giving the athlete the option to use different colors depending on the occasion.

    What is MP-RRNM??
    MP-RRNM facilitates a simple, fast and accurate way fixing your race number and assures a firm hold on all textiles commonly used for sportsapparel. Your sporting gear will no longer be damaged by pinholes and there’s no need to fumble around with safety pins. The design of fixpoints in terms of form, size and weight is such that it barely noticeable for the wearer and yet provides an easy means of attachment. The special click-on click-off indentation on the fixpoints makes the start number equally simple to remove. Marathon Race Number Magnetic Bib Attachers Green

    You purchase a complete set of 4*2 (inner + outer) Fix magnetic points with each unit you are buying. Feel free to contact us for any question. Buy with confidence – have a look on our feedback.

    – Start numbers which have integrated timer chips: don’t set fix magnetic points MP-RRNM directly on the chip.
    – Keep MP-RRNM away from ATM- and Credit-cards as these may be damaged by the magnetic field.
    – Keep MP-RRNM away from children below the age of 6.
    – People with heart pace-makers should not use fixpoints xxl.

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