Radial-Oriented Multipole Magnetic Ring Ferrite

/Radial-Oriented Multipole Magnetic Ring Ferrite
  • Radial-Oriented Multipole Magnetic Ring Ferrite
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  • Radial-Oriented Multipole Magnetic Ring Ferrite, Injection Molded Ferrite Ring Magnets, Radial Multipole Ring Ceramic Magnets for Motor Rotor System

    Radial-Oriented Multipole Magnetic Ring Ferrite – Ferrite/Plastic/Permanent Magnet with Insert Molded, Ferrite magnet Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnet / Injection Complex Magnet, Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnet, Ferrite Rings Magnet – Injection Bonded Ring Magnets Manufacturer, Permanent Magnet Motor Generators,

    Bonded permanent ferrite is a magnet compounded by magnetic powder and high polymer materials through the special craft.
    Ferrite has high coercive force and high resistance to demagnetized and oxidized than other non-rare earth permanent magnets.
    It’s superior to the sintered magnet in aspects of magnet shaping, size precision, flexibility etc. It’s biggest advantage is it’s low cost with high quality.

    They are made of bonded ferrite magnet powder, Plastics(pvc,nylon,pp,ect) and other materials, By injecting process, the combination can be made into flexible magnets with precise sizes and complicate…

    Specifications 1.The precise magnet with complex shape can be made very easily.
    2.high density
    3.Integrated forming
    4.reasonable price

    Magnet Powder NdFeB, SmCo, Ferrite
    Shape Ring, Disc
    Magnetization Direction Thickness or Custom request
    Plating Epoxy
    Maximum Operating Temperature 120-180°C
    Density (g/cm3) 5.6-6.4

    ptfe teflon coated ndfeb magnets

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