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  • Radially Neodymium Magnet Assembly, N42 Radial Cylindrical Magnetic Segment Assembly, NdFeB Magnetic Radial Ring Assembly for Rotor, 25mm OD x 15mm ID x 50mm thick Radial Ring Rare Earth Neodymium Motor Permanent Magnets for Halbach Array

    Radially Neodymium Magnet Assembly Tech Specification:
    Grade Neodymium N42
    Inside Diameter 25mm
    Outside Diameter 15mm on Stainless-steel
    Thickness 50mm
    Plating/Coating Nickel Coating on Magnets, surrounded by Stainless-steel outer ring
    Max Working Temp 80°C
    Direction of Magnetism 1, South on outside, North on inside ; 2, North on outside, South on inside

    Radially magnetised magnets are rare due to a complex manufacturing process. Radially magnetised magnets are mostly used in motors and generators, as well as in free energy experimentation and rare earth permanent frictionless bearings.

    This cylindrical Neodymium magnet has been radially magnetised with the south polarity on the inside and north on the outside. The outer diameter is 25mm and inner diameter is 15mm with a stainless-steel ring on the outside. radial neodymium magnetic segment assembly

    Radial Ring Magnets are manufactured with the north and south pole on the outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID). These can be used as motor magnets, sensor magnets, and any applications were multiple or single poles are required on the OD or ID of the magnet.

    Radial Ring magnets can be manufactured as a single magnet but with limitation on size. Single radial ring magnets are limited to 25mm on the OD, 15mm on the ID, and approximately 10mm on the thickness. These single pieces can be magnetized with the same pole all around the OD, or alternating poles on the OD. Radial Rings made in a single piece usually include separate tooling charges for manufacturing and the magnetizing fixtures.  neodymium segmented radial rings n50

    Radial Ring magnets can also be manufactured in magnet arc segments. These segmented radial rings allow for larger sizes on the OD, but the ID is limited to 15mm or larger on the ID. These radial rings made with magnet segments can be magnetized with the same pole all around the OD, or alternating poles on the OD. Radial Rings made with segments usually include tooling charges for manufacturing only and will include a non-magnetic ring on the OD or ID to assist with assembly of the magnet arc segments.

    MPCO Magnetics has been assisting Corporate customers for many years with their custom radial ring magnet and magnetic assembly applications.

    Neodymium Radially Magnetised Ring Magnets, Radially Neodymium Magnet Assembly

    Neodymium ‘Radially Magnetised’ Ring Magnets have a specific magnetic pattern on either their inside or outside diameter and are most commonly available in three different configurations. Magnets with Skewed Magnetisation are used in both servo and power steering motors. Magnets with Multi-pole magnetisation on the Outer Diameter and/or Inner Diameter can be found in servo motors, spindle motors, generators, couplings, and stepping motors. And lastly, magnets with a north pole on the Outer Diameter and south pole on the Inner Diameter (or vice versa) seen in image 3, are used in linear actuators, compressors, magnetic bearings and high end speakers.

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