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    Rare Earth Cylindrical PTFE Magnets Feature:
    Item No. MSB-RC series
    Material Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ,  Teflon
    Color White
    Shape    Cylindrical ,  Spherical -Style
    Name: Magnetic Stirrer
    Material: Magnet inside(Rare Earth), PTFE coated
    Size: custom

    The stirrer magnet is a bar magnet encapsulated in a material which protects the magnet and prevents contamination of the liquid medium.

    The core of the stirrer magnet is usually Alnico V, a less used alternative is Samarium-Cobalt. Due to its exceptional chemical and thermal (-200 °C to +260 °C) properties, Polytetraflouroethylene is the most preferred encapsulant. It can easily be processed, is readily sterilised and satisfies FDA and USP Class IV requirements.

    In principle, it is difficult to find the most effective magnetic stirring bar for a particular application, but important factors are the vessel shape and the viscosity of the stirring medium. In a petri dish, a long stirring bar at low speed will be effective, in a round bottom vessel egg-shaped (oval) magnetic stirrers will be a suitable choice. The ideal configuration is where the magnet of the stirring bar and the magnet of the drive are of equal length and with a minimum distance between them.

    A Cylindrical magnetic stirring bar » B Oval or Egg-shaped magnetic stirring bar » C Magnetic stirring bar with bearing neck » D Magnetic stirring bar for cuvettes » E Magnetic stirring bar for culture bottles » F Custom manufacture for flanged reactors  Ball Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Magnetic Mixing Has Never Been This Easy
    Our mixers can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to chemistry and biology experiments, buffer solutions, and bacterial growth media. Foxx magnetic mixers are ideal for mixing over a long period of time. Since our mixers are just magnet bars, they can easily be cleaned and the risks of contaminating the solution can be minimized.  PTFE White Glass Coated Magnetic Stir Bars
    Compatible with all Foxx products.

    MSB-RC-01 Length 12 mm, Diameter 4.5 mmPRICE: 8.00 PER: 1 –
    MSB-RC-02 Length 20 mm, Diameter 6 mmPRICE: 9.00 PER: 1 –
    MSB-RC-03 Length 25 mm, Diameter 6 mmPRICE: 10.00 PER: 1 –
    MSB-RC-04 Length 30 mm, Diameter 6 mmPRICE: 11.00 PER: 1 –
    MSB-RC-05 Length 40 mm, Diameter 8 mmPRICE: 12.00 PER: 1 –
    MSB-RC-06 Length 50 mm, Diameter 8 mmPRICE: 14.00 PER: 1
    MSB-RC-07 Length 60 mm, Diameter 10 mmPRICE: 16.00 PER: 1
    MSB-RC-08 Length 8 mm, Diameter 3 mmPRICE: 7.00 PER: 1

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