Rare Earth NdFeB Rectangular Rubber Coated Magnet

/Rare Earth NdFeB Rectangular Rubber Coated Magnet
  • Rare Earth NdFeB Rectangular Rubber Coated Magnet
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  • Rare Earth NdFeB Rectangular Rubber Coated Magnet, Neodymium Rubber Covered Magnetic Holder System, Rectengular Base Magnet Assembly NdFeB, Rectangle Plastic Coated Magnets, black rubber jacket covered block pot magnet China Supplier

    Rare Earth NdFeB Rectangular Rubber Coated Magnet Nd
    Item No.: RCMS07Nd
    Form / Model Rubber coated pot magnet
    Material NdFeB
    Housing Steel rubber coated
    Dimension 70mm x 50mm x 13mm
    Color black
    Pull Force / Adhesion  9 kg
    Weight 149 g
    Max Temp (degrees C) 80°C
    – suitable for fixing signs, plates, temporary lightings and sample parts scratch-free –

    Uses for our Rare Earth NdFeB Rectangular Rubber Coated Magnet:
    These versatile magnets, protected in a rubber suit are water resistant and more resistant to damage that regular magnets, especially against metal strike. Well suited to aquariums, construction sites and outdoor use they also provide a greater degree of protection for valuable surfaces that may require more care.

    A common use for rubber coated magnet is for attachment of materials such as signs, bouquets of flowers or football jerseys and the like to glass panes and panels. This method also includes suspending sun or privacy screens to any window or glass panel, but particularly to windows of cars and trucks, marine craft, motor homes and caravans and portable office and accommodation and ablution blocks associated with mine and construction sites.

    This method of fastening or suspension requires magnets on both sides of the window pane. The magnets will not cling to a glass or plastic panel, but they will cling to each other through many materials. Each fastening point will require two rubber coated magnets, one on each side of the panel. These magnet are strong and reward due diligence and an extra pair of hands in relation to glass. rectangular neodymium rubber coated magnet

    Rectangular rubber coated magnets are ideal for using on varnished and painted surfaces. The high-quality Santoprene rubber prevents marks and scratches on delicate surfaces. These rectangular rubber coated magnets get their strength from the strong neodymium magnets placed within the rubber casing. The Santoprene rubber material acts as protection for both the magnet and the mounting surface.


    Part No. L mm B mm H mm Force N Force N Shear force N Weight g Temperature °C
    RCMS07Nd-1 70 50 13 290 70 90 149 80
    RCMS07Nd-2 70 50 13 290 68 90 149 80
    RCMS07Nd-3 70 50 13 290 72 90 149 80
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