RID Type Ferrite Balun Core NiZn for EMI

/RID Type Ferrite Balun Core NiZn for EMI
  • RID Type Ferrite Balun Core NiZn for EMI
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  • RID Type Ferrite Balun Core NiZn for EMI, RID soft ferrite core of different size, Nizn Ferrite Rid Core Balun Core, multi aperture nizn RID TYPE balun core with Rohs, RID Large Size MnZn&NiZn Soft Ferrite Transformer Cores, RID type two holes ferrite balun core for balun inductor Made In China

    Product Name: RID Type Ferrite Balun Core NiZn for EMI
    Item Code: RID Type
    Type: Soft
    Composite: Ferrite Magnet (NiZn/MnZn)
    A. Excellent quality
    B. Reasonable price
    C. A variety of specifications
    D. More than 10 years experience
    E. Delivery timely
    Application: Industrial Magnet, magnetic ferrite, power transformers, and inductors
    Main Feature: EMI use, They are widely used in computers, tele-communication equipment, consumer’s electronics such as TV, VTR and audio sets, industrial automation equipment and various kinds of electronic instruments, etc.
    Packaging Details: According to customers’ requirement
    Delivery Detail: 30-60days

    RID Ferrite Beads Core NiZn emi two holes ferrite rid core for transformer, high ui soft ferrite rid core for water system machine
    Initial permeability of NiZn series ferrite core, begins from 10 to 2500. Practical frequecy ranges from 0.1MHz to 1000MHz. RH cores are usually used for the cable assembly with plastic injection molding. The smaller RH cores are usually used to pass through beads of other elements or to be inductors by passing through wire. Suppression EMI Ferrite Core SH Type
    Binocular Ferrite Core RID Type RID Two holes NiZn emi ferrite rid core for balun transformer
    Our RID Ferrite Beads Core, Ferrire Rid Core , NiZn Material Core ,Two Holes Ferrite Balun Core , RID TYPE core for inductors,Balun soft ferrite core , core for inductor product mainly applied to industry of computer, communication, multi-media, automotive, Green lighting,office automotion,&electtromechancal ,consumer’s electronics such as TV, VTR and audio sets, industrial automation equipment and various kinds of electronic instruments, etc. Custom NiZn Ferrite Core for EMI DnH Type

    1. LIGHTING :
    Electronic Ballast for energy efficient Lamps viz CFL, LED.
    Electronics Chokes for Tubular Lamps.
    UPS/Inverter transformers.
    Welding transformers.
    Switch Mode Power Supplies.
    Medical Electronics.
    Telecom Power supplies.
    Induction Heating Applications.
    EMI/EMC Chokes.
    Energy Meters.
    EMI EMC Suppressions.
    Mode: NiZn emi soft ferrite rid core
    Material: NiZn(Nickel,Zinc).
    1. Balun transformer.
    2. RF transformer.
    3. Filter choke coil inductor.
    4. Water system, other electrical equipments, audio system,video system…
    Initial Permeability: Ui :300-1500.

    Features Working frequency over 1MHZ, 1MHZ,25mhz,100mhz with good performance impedance,inductor, and small core loss.common material is NiZn . Good effeiency at EMI/EMC, Curie Temp 120-220°C. Accept size customized, cable width diameter from 3mm-20mm
    Necessary information before quote: Product size,material or characteristic or testing datasheet,order quantity, usage, it will be better if can provide drawing,other special requirements, like package. EMI Rod Ferrite Core DRnW Type Soft Ferrite Drum Cores

    Process of Ferrite magnet manufacturing:
    Ferrite manufacturing is based on Ceramic Powder Technology. High quality Iron oxide, Manganese oxide and Zinc Oxide are homogenously mixed and reacted at controlled high temperature. The ferrite granules are crushed and consequently converted into ready to press powder by spray drying process. Powder compaction is done using precision presses. Sintering to achieve the required density, magnetic and dimensional features are done in precisely controlled furnaces. Sintered Ferrites are ground to achieve the required dimensions in close tolerances. SCFS Type EMI Suppression Ferrite Core

    Quality System:
    We are committed to quality and our quality policy is customer centered. Magnet manufacturing is supported by highest quality system, ISO-TS16949. Control Plans, APQP, PPAP, FMEA, Continuous Improvement, 8D problem analysis are inherent to Magnetic Product Division manufacturing.



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