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    Rod Multipole Ferrite Magnet Speciation:
    1, Material: Ferrite magnet is made of Sro or Bao and Fe2o3 by Ceramic processing technology
    2, Shape: Rod, Bar, Cylinder, Cylindrical
    3, Grades: Y10T,Y20,Y25,Y30,Y30BH,Y35 (China standard); C1,C5,C8,C11 (U.S.A. Standard)
    4, Dimension: Customized
    5, Tolerances: ‘+/-0.1mm
    6, Coating: No need Coating.
    7, Application: Widely used in ammeter, speaker, audio, phone, TV, dynamo, DC permanent magnet motors (used in cars), etc.

    Ferrite cylinder magnets also called ceramic magnets, are widely used in speakers for home and car audio systems as they suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits.
    Ferrite Rod Magnets have the widest magnetic field of all magnets and good resistance to corrosion. Despite being a rather brittle magnet, Ferrites are used in a variety of applications ranging from DC motors, water conditioning, speakers and reed switches to crafts and magnetic therapies.

    Ferrite Rod / Cylinder Material Information, industrial sintered ferrite cylinder magnet
    Produced by powder metallurgical method with chemical compostition of Ba/SrO.6 Fe2 O3
    Relativly brittle & hard
    Good resistance to demangnetization
    Excellent corrosion resistance
    Raw material is readily available and low in cost
    Good temperature stability
    high coercive force and high electric resistance
    Most widely used permanent magnets.
    MPCO ferrite permanent magnets are offered in different sizes and dimensions and are the best option if you are looking for an economical alternative with good demagnetization resistance. The magnetic property and size of ferrite(ceramic) rods can be according to clients’ requirement.

    Rod Multipole Ferrite Magnet MPCO Stock Size:

    Model. No. Dimensions  D*H (mm) Model. No. Dimensions  D*H (mm)
    MPFCM-001 D5 × (7-30) MPFCM-002 D8 × (10-32)
    MPFCM-003 D10 × (15-40) MPFCM-004 D15 × (15-50)
    MPFCM-005 D18 × (25-50) MPFCM-006 D20 × (20-60)
    MPFCM-007 D25 × (30-70) MPFCM-008 D30 × (30-70)
    MPFCM-009 D35 × (40-80) MPFCM-010 D40 × (40-80)
    MPFCM-011 D45 × (50-100) MPFCM-012 D50 × (50-100)

    The above size is suitable for customer’s Magnetic Grade, Dimension tolerance: D ± 2%, h ±0.15mm

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