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    Rod Sensor AlNiCo Magnet Technical Introduction
    Item No.: MPASNM series
    Magnet Size: Ø10X18MM
    Tolerances: ±0.004″
    Material: Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt
    Grade of AlNiCo: AlNiCo500
    Shape:  Cylinder, Rod
    Max Temperature: 450℃
    Magnetization Direction: Axial or Diametrical
    Surface Gauss: Gauss

    Permanent magnets have a consistent non-varying magnetic field that has a north and south pole associated with them. The magnets come in different materials – rare earth, Alnico and hard ferrite. They all come in different sizes and shapes and have different magnetic strengths. The rare earth are the strongest, Alnico are the most stable, and ferrite are the least expensive. The magnetic strength is generally measured in gauss or milliTesla. A Reed Switch requires either a permanent magnet or magnetic field in order to activate the switch, thus it is commonly called a magnetic reed switch. Magnets have reversible and irreversible demagnetization specifications. Engineers should consider shock, vibration, strong external magnetic fields as well as high temperatures in their designs. All these factors influence the magnetic force and the long term stability in different ways. Preferably the magnet is mounted on the moving part of the application. Professional tuning of magnet and reed switch pairing can improve the functionality of the whole sensor-magnet system.

    Alnico magnets are manufactured using primarily two processes:
    Cast Alnico Magnets
    Cast alnico magnets that are made by pouring melted alnico into a mold. The solidified material is rough ground and then heat treated and cooled.
    The material is either anisotropic (treated in a magnetic field) or isotropic (treated outside a magnetic field). After treatment the material is ground to specific tolerances and magnetized. sensor switch magnet alnico5
    Attributes of Cast Alnico Magnets
    * Mechanically Strong
    * Cast to a variety of shapes
    * High Degree of Temperature Stability
    * Magnet Orientation can be changed
    * High Brand Bhmax characteristics when compared to ceramic materials.

    Sintered Alnico Magnets
    Sintered alnico magnets are made from a powdered mixture of ingredients that are pressed into a die under tons of pressure.
    They are then sintered in a hydrogen atmosphere and cooled in an anisotropic or isotropic environment.
    Attributes of Sintered Alnico Magnets
    * Mechanically strongest of the Alnico Magnets
    * Close tolerance pressing – typically minimum grinding

    Cylinder ALNICO5 Sensor Magnet Dimension
    ALNICO500 Ø4X12MM
    ALNICO500 Ø4X19MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6X20MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6X22MM
    ALNICO500 Ø5X20MM
    ALNICO500 Ø3X6MM
    ALNICO500 Ø3X55MM
    ALNICO500 Ø10X18MM
    ALNICO500 Ø5X15MM
    ALNICO500 Ø12X60MM
    ALNICO500 Ø7.9X25.4MM
    ALNICO500 Ø7X20MM
    ALNICO500 Ø7X21MM
    ALNICO500 Ø4.9X70MM
    ALNICO500 Ø11.9X70MM
    ALNICO500 Ø5X55MM
    ALNICO500 Ø4X28MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6X30MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6X60MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6.6X152.4MM
    ALNICO500 Ø9X100MM
    ALNICO500 Ø8X150MM
    ALNICO500 Ø4X8MM
    ALNICO500 Ø2.5X12.7MM
    ALNICO500 Ø5X10MM


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