Round Ball Sphere Ferrite Bead Magnets in Magnetic Jewellery Handicrafts

/Round Ball Sphere Ferrite Bead Magnets in Magnetic Jewellery Handicrafts
  • Round Ball Sphere Ferrite Bead Magnets in Magnetic Jewellery Handicrafts
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    Round Ball Sphere Ferrite Bead Magnets in Magnetic Jewellery Handicrafts SPECIFICATIONS:
    Material : The cheapest magnetic material,main contents including ferric oxide ,barium and strontium.
    Type : Permanent
    Size : Diameter  8mm Ferrite / ceramic ball magnet with hole
    Shape : Cylinder, Rod, Cylindrical, Bar
    Grade:   Y10 Isotropic
    Colour : Dark charcoal gray
    Direction of Magnetization: Axially magnetized thru the height
    Depending on the application of our FERRITE Magnet, we have a choice of discs, rings and blocks.
    Some applications are crafts, souvenirs, fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets.

    Uses for our ferrite bead round magnets:
    Round Ferrite bead magnets are commonly used in magnetic jewellery and similar handicrafts.

    If magnetic jewellery is therapeutic then these ferrite bead spheres, d8mm with a void or central cavity of 2mm are useful little helpers in the burgeoning wellness industry. Magnets of all types and strengths are deployed in everything from beds and furniture, clothing and footwear for people and their pets for apparent therapeutic benefit.

    Be that as it may, there is no conjecture about the benefit of these able to be threaded ferrite cylinder magnets for securing or joining necklaces, bracelets and bangles and for securing or regulating the moving individual components on earrings, brooches and watches. Ferrite Magnetic Bead Cylinder 5mm x 8mm w/ 2mm Hole

    Permanent and removable, safe and secure, reliable and reusable, these bead magnets, suitably attired in decorative clasps, join necklaces and bracelets and bands in an intuitive manner that protects the precious parts of the article itself. As a failsafe mechanism or breaking strain protocol, magnetic fastening using these bead magnets release at a pre-determined pull force, depending on the strength of magnets deployed in the clasps.

    Should an accident occur and the chain or assembly experiences sudden or unreasonable force the magnets will release their magnetic connection first, as they are designed to do, protecting the article itself from the any further pressure. This fail safe method or braking strain is replicated on fishing tackle. The fishing line breaks first in response to excessive force, before that same force is able to inflict any damage on the much more valuable fishing reel or fishing rod. That’s a relief!

    Threaded onto a spool, rod or spindle these magnetic cylinders offer a hidden or secret method of holding releasing and regulating in a smooth intuitive manner. A peerless agent of regulation of moving parts in a never ending variety of applications of assemblies of all kinds.

    Ferrite beads are generally used in magnetic jewellery and handcrafts.

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