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  • Round Disk Ferrite Magnets, Sintered Ferrite Ceramic Circular Magnets, Hard Ferrite Disc Permanent Magnets, industrial ferrite raw magnets, Strongest Round Ceramic Ferrite Magnets for toys or speaker

    Round Disk Ferrite Magnets Speciation:

    1, Material: Ferrite magnet is made of Sro or Bao and Fe2o3 by Ceramic processing technology
    2, Shape: Disc, Disk, Circular
    3, Grades: Y10T,Y20,Y25,Y30,Y30BH,Y35 (China standard); C1,C5,C8,C11 (U.S.A. Standard)
    5.Application: Widely used in ammeter, speaker, audio, phone, TV, dynamo, DC permanent magnet motors (used in cars), etc.

    Ferrite magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, were developed in the 1960’s as a low cost alternative to metallic magnets. Ferrite magnets have won wide acceptance due to their excellent corrosion resistant and good resistance to demagnetization. Despite their relatively low energy output, ferrite magnets’ popularity is largely from its low price. It is the first choice for most automotive sensors, MRI machines, DC motors, and magnetic separators. In fact, based on weight, it is the most widely used permanent magnet available today.

    Ferrite magnets are very hard and brittle. Like all magnetic materials, ferrite magnets should not be used as a structural element in your design. Ferrite magnets are prone to cracking if your application requires regular impact or flexing. Because ferrite magnets offer good corrosion resistance, they do not require an outer coating. In rare instances a thin outer coating is applied simply to protect the material.

    Several factors decide ferrite magnets’ performance under extreme temperature. Ferrite magnets are susceptible to demagnetization when exposed to extreme temperatures. The geometry or the assembly attached to the magnet can affect how the magnet responds to a change in temperature. Contact MPCO sales representative for more details.

    Ferrite magnets are produced by calcining a mixture of iron oxide and strontium carbonate to form a metallic oxide. A multiple stage milling operation reduces the calcined material to a small particle size. Depending on the magnetic characteristic – anisotropic or isotropic, the powder is processed differently. For anisotropic, the powder is mixed with water to form slurry. The slurry is compacted in a die in the presence of a magnetic field. For isotropic, the dry powder is then compacted in a die. Isotropic ferrite magnets have weaker magnetic properties but better dimensional tolerances. Typically a dry pressed magnet does not require finish grinding. sintered ferrite circular magnets

    Round Disk Ferrite Magnets MPCO Stock Size:

    Model No. Dimensions (mm)D*H Model No. Dimensions (mm)D*H
    MFRD-001 D5 × H (2~5) MFRD-002 D10 × H8 × (2~7)
    MFRD-003 D12 × H (2~7) MFRD-004 D15 × H (2~7)
    MFRD-005 D20 × H (2~15) MFRD-006 D23 × H (3~20)
    MFRD-007 D28 × H (3~26) MFRD-008 D30 × H (3~28)
    MFRD-009 D3~3 × H (2~32) MFRD-010 D37 × H (2~37)
    MFRD-011 D38 × H (3~32) MFRD-012 D40 × H (3~3~3)
    MFRD-013 D42 × H (3~3~3) MFRD-014 D45 × H (3~40)
    MFRD-015 D50 × H (3~45) MFRD-016 D55 × H (3~50)
    MFRD-017 D58 × H (3~50) MFRD-018 D60 × H (3~52)
    MFRD-019 D65 × H (3~60) MFRD-020 D70 × H (3~65)
    MFRD-021 D76 × H (3~70) MFRD-022 D80 × H (3~70)
    MFRD-023 D85 × H (3~76) MFRD-024 D90 × H (4~80)
    MFRD-025 D98 × H (4~80) MFRD-026 D105 × H (4~86)
    MFRD-027 D110 × H (4~86) MFRD-028 D150 × H (4~50)
    MFRD-029 D160 × H (5~46) MFRD-030 D200 × H (5~56)
    MFRD-031 D205 × H (5~56) MFRD-032 D225 × H (5~60)

    The above size is suitable for customer’s Magnetic Grade, Dimension tolerance: Diameter ±0.2mm, Thickness ±0.1mm

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