Rubber Coated Mounted Magnet with Female Thread Two Holes

/Rubber Coated Mounted Magnet with Female Thread Two Holes
  • Rubber Coated Mounted Magnet with Female Thread Two Holes
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  • Rubber Coated Mounted Magnet with Female Thread Two Holes, Rectengular Magnets Car Roof Base Magnet Assembly NdFeB with Internal Thread and rubber coat, rubber jacket covered block pot magnet holding system, Car Roof Top Magnets, Strong power rare earth magnet rectangular rubber coated neodymium mounted magnet China Supplier

    Rubber Coated Mounted Magnet with Female Thread Two Holes Feature:
    Item No.: MPRCSMN03-43
    Form / Model Rubber coated pot magnet
    Material NdFeB
    Housing Steel rubber coated
    Dimension 43x31x6 mm
    Color black
    Adhesion 10  kg
    Weight 28 g
    Max Temp (degrees C) 60°C
    – suitable for fixing signs, plates, temporary lightings and sample parts scratch-free –

    Item code
    Pull force(kg)

    Santoprene Rubber coating for scratch-free clamping
    Neodymium Magnets (NdFeB) inside for maximum holding forces
    Extremely good sheer forces – high resistance to sliding
    Protects surfaces such as lacquered mild steel car body work
    Excellent as Sign Magnets and Lighting Magnets, etc; Superior performance Boutique Magnets
    Maximum recommended operating temperature is 60°C

    Rubber coated pot manget give great durability and high friction to keep them from slipping on surfaces..The rubber coating can also protect against the liquids, moisture,corrosion andchipping.Keep from scratching surface of car , truck , delicate surfaces etc.No more drifting holes all over your lovely ride, lights can be installed.

    Our rubber coated magnets are designed to provide an incredible hold by increasing friction without marking or scratching surfaces. This rubber coating makes these magnets ideal for applications such as hanging outdoor signage and mounting cameras or sensors.

    Rectangular rubber coated magnets are ideal for using on varnished and painted surfaces. The high-quality Santoprene rubber prevents marks and scratches on delicate surfaces. These rubber coated rectangular magnets get their strength from the strong neodymium magnets placed within the rubber casing. The Santoprene rubber material acts as protection for both the magnet and the mounting surface.

    Product name Rubber Coated Magnet Square With Internal Threads Rubber Coated Magnets
    Shape Others as custom
    Coating Rubber
    Product size Customized
    Working temperature(℃) <80 °
    Raw material Neodymium magnet + black rubber
    Magnetism direction
    Round shape : axially , Rubber Coated Block Magnet With Internal Thread
    block ,thick ness
    cylinder :axially
    ring : axially
    bar : thickness
    cuber : thickness
    Axially magnetized : magnetized pole at the flat ends.  Rubber Coated Holding Magnet with Female Thread
    Thickness : magnetized pole at the biggest furface
    Applications: Portable, easy to carry. Can be used on car, offroad, trucks, jeep, boat, etc.Can mount any off-road lights, LED work lights, LED light bar, etc

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